How to celebrate Earth Day like a Gangnam style?

Gangnam Style

Who has not heard the famous song Gangnam style? On YouTube it had long ago crossed one billion hits. It means popularity wise it is kissing the skies. So much so that famous personalities including US President Barrack Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameroon and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have tried the dancing style… Read More »

Top 103 slogans on save earth

slogans on save earth

Our very survival directly depends upon the safety of our planet Earth. If it is not safe then our survival will also be unsafe. So we must protect it by propagating these slogans on save earth. We should let others know our planet is the only livable planet we have. Other planets are not fit… Read More »

How to cut carbon footprint from your home? Infographics

carbon footprint

Carbon emissions in excess of their limits are a huge threat to our environment. They hit us in dual ways first by polluting our surrounding air environment and then causing climate change ultimately that equally is a major threat to sustainability of our planet earth. Everyone talks about cut in carbon footprint either collectively of… Read More »

19 flaws mostly found in our environmental legislation

environmental legislation

There are two blades of pollution control system. One is environmental legislation which means framing laws and rules to point acts of polluting and punish their perpetrators. The second blade is awareness that aims to convince people do protect their environment on self-help and do-it-yourself basis. The environmental legislation and its enforcement covers major part… Read More »