How should be the air quality we live in?

The presence of pollutants and unwanted chemicals in the air cause air pollution. Air pollution is deleterious for human health. Air pollution is increasing day by day due to various anthropogenic activities. Air pollution is actually the contamination of air. It affects the air quality and poses harmful effects. Polluted air can be visible and it …

What is the loss of biodiversity really means to us?

Biodiversity means the number and variety of species in a particular habitat or in a specific geographical area. It is the diversity of plant and animal species present in a habitat. This includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems. Biodiversity actually comes from two words, ’Bio’ meaning life and ‘diversity’ meaning variety.  It is …

How to practice three Rs of environmentalism as a family?

The three Rs of environmentalism are: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These three Rs are the key of sustainable development. By adopting them we can make our earth cleaner and can help in betterment of our environment. By following these we can save our earth from being deteriorated. We should practice these 3 Rs of environmentalism as a family to save …

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