How to celebrate Earth Day like a Gangnam style?

Gangnam Style

Who has not heard the famous song Gangnam style? On YouTube it had long ago crossed one billion hits. It means popularity wise it is kissing the skies. So much so that famous personalities including US President Barrack Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameroon and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have tried the dancing style… Read More »

30 types of pollution, their causes, effects and remedial measures

types of pollution

Broadly speaking there are three types of pollution. Land-based Pollution Water-based Pollution Air-related Pollution But their further types are innumerable. But still broadly we can divide them into 30 types of pollution. Their names, causes, impact and remedial measures are given below. S.No Types of pollution Causes of pollution Effects of pollution Remedial Measures 1… Read More »

5 tips to keep your skin safe from the effects of air pollution

effects of air pollution

The effects of air pollution are more than several. They hit our respiratory system. They cause several lungs diseases of serious nature. They also affect our skin and damage its freshness. As a result we look older than our real age. Our skin suffers freckles without any reason of internal deficiency of nutrition. Harmful safety… Read More »