How to go green in a backward country?


Are you from any not very much advance country? If yes you may be wondering how to go green in a backward country. You are right because in such countries people don’t have much awareness on benefits of going green. Following scenario is quite common in such countries if you want to know how to… Read More »

How to raise environmental awareness through a sports event?

environmental awareness

Why people pollute their environment? They don’t know the harms of environment. They don’t know which of their actions excessively create pollution. There are many people who know which of their actions affect environment but they don’t stop doing them. Actually they are offenders and should be brought to book under environmental laws. But those who… Read More »

Methods Of Building A Compost Toilet

compost toilet

Compost toilet means a toilet where from human waste can easily be taken for its recycling to use as natural manure. Purpose of compost toilet After its recycling through natural process it becomes organic fertilizer for farming. It is a centuries-old practice of manufacturing organic manure with human waste. However, its method was not much… Read More »

World Kitchen Garden Day

world kitchen garden day

World Kitchen Garden Day is observed all over the world every year since 2004 on 4th Sunday of August. It is celebrated by getting together in home—based vegetable garden with friends, family and community of the area. It is just a get together to promote the message of World Kitchen Garden Day to maximum number… Read More »

Gardening as a Hobby for Children

gardening as a hobby

Gardening as a hobby is one of the most productive green activities. It not only keeps you positive while you get engaged in it but it also gives a great sense of satisfaction once you see its results. Its rewards do not end here. Once your garden is fully grown you feel its impact on… Read More »

Am I a hypocrite while going green?

going green

Yes you should ask this question; am I a hypocrite while going green? It is mostly observed in civilized societies people talk much about green care but do nothing or next to nothing for green care. They have dual lifestyle. In public they do greenwash which means pretending to be green. While in private life… Read More »

About Athens Auto Recycling

athens auto recycling

Athens Auto Recycling is one of the pioneer companies in metal recycling industries. It is widely known in United States. Its business model is also followed in other countries. It was established in 1940 when trash was not as much problem as that is now. But this was the green vision of the founders of… Read More »

109 go green slogans for lovely people

go green slogans

After a huge response by awesome readers of this blog on three posts on 100 slogans each I have compiled these 109 go green slogans for all the lovely people on planet Earth. They are the people who love environment and want to play their role for pollution control by going green. Earlier I wrote… Read More »

All about energy-efficient roofs

energy-efficient roofs

Energy-efficient roofs reflect the heat and remain not so hot. They are more desirable in warm regions. There are two ways to make your roof energy-efficient. Roof bottom method Rooftop method What is roof bottom method? Under this method cooling material is applied inside roof. There are different types of materials and you need to… Read More »