How to make people know about environment with Google+?

about environment

Majority of people have misperception about environment and its protection. They think it is the job of the government and environmental organizations to ensure its safety. This is absolutely a wrong approach. It is the collective responsibility of all people, governments, organizations and businesses to keep our planet Earth safe for living. For this purpose… Read More »

What is rural pollution and how to urgently control it?

rural pollution

Rural pollution means all types of pollution in villages and towns. It is a misconception that rural areas have no environmental threats. Or people take simply agriculture pollution as the main threat to environment in upcountry areas. It is absolutely wrong. Agriculture pollution means all types of contamination that occur during the process of farming… Read More »

How to promote green living with Pinterest?

green living

Environmental pollution has hit the whole world. Everywhere we see its visible impacts. The fast way of living has robbed the real pleasure of human being. Everyone is almost running after more instead of enjoying his life. On roads cars are moving fast, in homes music is being played loudly, in factories machines are emitting… Read More »