Air pollution

what is air pollutionAir pollution is created when several gases exceed their limit in air. As a result air quality declines. We inhale polluted air. Eventually we suffer from various diseases. Most important of them are lung diseases including lung cancer.

It can’t be seen mostly

Unlike water and land pollution, air pollution at moderate level can’t be seen. But it does harm air and our health both. When you feel suffocation while breathing, you actually become victim of polluted air.

Industrial and vehicular emissions are two key sources of air contamination all around the world. Besides, burning of fossil fuel also pollutes air. It directly affects our breathing zone.

Silencer of vehicles, the biggest source of air pollution

The chimney of industries and silencer of vehicles add air pollution enormously. Emissions of both can’t be quantified globally. Nor is there any gadget to measure them. Vehicles contribute more to hit the air quality.  Vehicles are in millions around the world.  That is why their impact is also huge. Their emissions mostly contain more harmful gases and substances than that of the industrial ones.

Chimney of industries another source

It does not mean industrial emissions harm the air quality lesser. They equally damage the air environment but they partially hit it. Industries pollute the environment in multiple ways. They simultaneously release contaminating effluents and wastes which affect our land and water.

There are easier ways to keep the industrial emissions within limits. An industry can install a scientifically developed chimney to keep its emissions within limits. It is called stack. It sieves the emissions before releasing them into our air environment.

Traffic mess equally hits air quality

An advance city of five million population generally has half million vehicles. If their plying infrastructure – including roads, subways, bridges and lanes – is not good, chances of frequent traffic jams rise. Ultimately it causes more vehicular emissions.

Use of adulterated fuel

Adulterated fuel also increases the harmful emissions. It contaminates air more. In advance nations the sale of adulterated fuel is rare. But in most of the least developed countries it is quite common. This is the main reason that their environment is more under attack of vehicular pollution. The easiest way to control this menace is to ban the adulterated fuel.

Tips to control air pollution


  • Must install less-air-emitting chimney or stack
  • Must follow a proper environmental management system
  • Must abide by green laws of their country
  • Promote environmentally safe manufacturing processes
  • Use raw material that puts lesser load on machines
  • Make regular check-up of their production machines

Vehicle owners and drivers:

  • Must maintain the engine of their vehicles properly
  • Must get their vehicles tuned-up regularly
  • Never use adulterated fuel just to save a few bucks
  • Keep the silencer of their vehicle in good condition


  • Use public transport if there is no inconvenience to use it
  • Use personal transport only in case of emergency
  • Make complain of a factory if it is located in a residential area
  • Raise awareness on harms of air contamination to control it


  • Introduce easily enforceable green laws to control air contamination
  • Offer rules explaining in detail every clause of the air contamination control laws
  • Ensure the strict implementation of environmental laws
  • Abide by the international protocols to control air emissions from the world

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