Environmental hazards

environmental hazardsIt is not a catch-phrase.It is not a cowering thought.Even it is not likelihood.

Environmental hazards are a reality.

They are numerous.

We watch them around us.

We read about them off and on.

We watch their devastation on TV.

But we ignore them.

We defer to think about them for some free time.

How cruel we are!

How selfish we are!

What are environmental hazards?

Environmental hazards mean every type of disorder in environment. If water gets polluted it means water environment is in disorder. It is out of its natural balance. If poisonous gases exceed in air we say air is polluted. Air quality has declined. We inhale polluted air. If soil is polluted with agricultural pesticide, we have to eat contaminated food.

Victims of environmental hazards do not die at once. It is one of the widely taken slow poisons to take life of human beings and animals.

Every year thousands of deaths are reported owing to this menace. They have destroyed the green peace of every nation.

Almost half of the people are suffering worldwide because of a disease caused by environmental hazards.

Its worst hit is our immune system. A weaker immune system is main cause of the several fatal diseases. Our resistance level against these diseases becomes weaker and we fall prey to them.

Real cause of many diseases

If you suffer from skin allergy or eyes infection mostly you don’t know the real cause of your indisposition. You lack awareness on harms of pollution in environment. You just narrate the shallow reasons of your illness.

Apparent reasons are actually secondary reasons. Primary reason in most of the cases is one form of the pollution or the other.

Public awareness

If people know all harms of environmental pollution what will happen. They spend half of their life in just fearing these harms. They may forget to sleep well. They may remain panicky all the time. They think several times before doing any work. They remain keen to know if their action is environmentally safe or not.

People need not to be environmentalist to stay away from harms of pollution. An ordinary level of awareness is sufficient to make people realize how they can avoid diseases. They can protect themselves from pollution. They can take full care of their surrounding environment to save it from further decay.

Diseases caused by pollution

The most fatal diseases which are mostly caused by pollution are:

  • Lungs cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Deafness
  • Digestive disorder
  • Bone disorder
  • Coronary disease like angina, blood pressure and sugar

Some moderate types of illnesses are also direct or indirect results of the damages to our natural environment including:

  • Eyes infection
  • General allergy
  • Insomnia
  • Hyper tension
  • Memory losses
  • Giddiness etc

Pollution-related diseases in Asia and Africa

In Asian countries, diseases due to harming the nature are widely spreading. Lack of medical care is not the only reason of their spread. Lack of care to environment is the primary reason. Millions of people in Asia and Africa fall prey to menace of pollution.

At policy level little work is done in poor states. Its repercussions are directly affecting the innocent population of these countries.

Situation in developed countries

Developed nations are lucky to have stringent laws against environmental violations. But the rapid industrialization and mechanization of life in rich states has also deprived them the blessings of pure nature.

They mostly rely on machines in their way of living. Eventually they come to know that their distancing from nature has made them like machines. They don’t have a powerful immune system like their forefathers had. That is why they are suffering equally from environmental hazards.

More harm

There are several other effects of environmental hazards including:

  • Damages to marine life owing to the ocean and sea pollution
  • Soil fertility loss owing to the land degradation
  • Excess of poisonous gases in air because of the industrial and vehicular emissions

What to do?

Environmental hazards can be avoided if we all dutifully play our role to save the environment. We must do this at every level. We should keep doing our share to retain the mother Earth unaltered. For this purpose we must:

  • Not generate waste unnecessarily
  • Use public transport even if we have personal transport
  • Use personal transport in case of emergency
  • Never litter garbage
  • Keep planting trees
  • Reuse and recycle the used items as much as we can
  • Never waste natural resources including water

We must remember that with small efforts we can contribute big to save our environment. Otherwise we have to hand over a more polluted world to our kids.

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