Factory pollution

about industrial pollutionFactory pollution is also called as industrial pollution that is main cause of emissions, effluents and wastes which come out during manufacturing of goods and services.
If all gaseous emissions, effluents spillage and wastes of a factory are not handled in an environment-friendly manner it harms the surrounding environment. 
Industrial revolution all around the world has added the magnitude of this kind of pollution which is equally harmful for nature as that of its other types.

How factory pollution occurs?

Be it an ice factory, leather industry or a cottage industry, the manufacturing process of all of them must generate wastes in liquid and solid apart from emitting smoke if its process is so mechanised and production is made in bulk.

How to control factory pollution?

  • For the mitigation of smoke emissions from the chimney a stack should be installed at the emitting point.
  • Liquid coming out from the process of manufacturing should be treated in treatment plant before its disposal as civic waste water.
  • Solid waste of factory should be disposed off in safe way by throwing it into the designated landfill site.
  • For minimum emissions from chimney or up to the allowable limits, chimney is made according to scientific prescriptions so that whatever emits from it during or after the manufacturing process must be within its limited level.
  • Moreover, the quality of machinery and equipment which is used for manufacturing should also be well-maintained and its regular maintenance and repair should be done to help them limit the emissions from production.

Hire HSE manager to control factory pollution

Every factory abiding by the local and global environmental laws should hire a health, safety and environment (HSE) manager whose job is to develop an environmental management plan which envisages:
  • All emissions, effluents and wastes from the factory must be within prescribed limits.
  • Environmental impact assessment of each expansion and installation must be carried out
  • The inside environment of the factory must be clean and least-affected by all types of pollution
  • Environmental audit of the factory must be conducted on regular basis
  • An emergency response system must be there to ward off any environmentally adverse situation

Factories have green rules to follow

There are green laws in every country which not only prescribe limits for all kinds of factory pollution but also set rules and regulations which every factory must follow in its manufacturing process. In this way no factory could present any excuse of its unawareness after violating any environmental law. Most of the environmental laws related to industrial pollution prescribe punishments of fine and imprisonment to those industries which violate them.

Less factory pollution in advance countries

In developed countries environmental laws related to industrial emissions are admirably followed by because of the loophole-free mechanism of their enforcement. Whenever any environmental violation occurs in an advanced country, it is reported by surrounding communities or media to environmental regulator which wastes no time to take action against the violator and prosecute it accordingly. 

Higher factory pollution in poor countries

However, in less developed countries the enforcement mechanism of environmental laws is not strong and well developed. Environmental violators easily dodge the environmental watchdogs at every stage and sometimes get bail from court by offering fake defence. As a result industrial pollution in less developed countries is far higher than the developed ones.

Long-term benefit of factory pollution control

Factories should develop long-term vision for pollution control. If they generate less pollution it means their products are green. Demand of green products is rising all over the world. It means factories can generate more sales and earn more profit. So the need of hour is to convince factories to go green in their entire manufacturing process and eventually grow their business.

Let factories know pollution control benefits

We can convince factories to pollute less by propagating the benefits of being an environment friendly factory. Right now you can share this post to your friends and colleagues to further share it and make people know benefits of factory pollution control.
After sharing this post, also share your thoughts with us about factory pollution in comments section below.

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