History of Pollution

pollution history
The history of pollution is as old as the life itself. At the very beginning of life on Earth when man came to know the use of fire and first time burnt wood to cook the food, the smoke emitted from it and first time the environment of this world got polluted.

Stone Age – the start of history of pollution

Thereafter, in Stone Age the cutting and trimming of stones to make pottery and weapons created dust which made pollution in the air. Despite that its level was so tiny and was not widely felt by the human beings of that time.
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Metal Age

However, in metal age man started intensively using the fire to make various usable items apart from weapons and intense heat emitted huge smokes and first time it was observed that smoke pollutes the air if it keeps on emitting. However, its intensity as compared to machine age was quite less and not worthy of raising concerns.

Semi-mechanized Age

Thereafter manual system of every activity of life from travelling to cooking food was converted to semi-mechanic way of doing things. During those days wheel was invented which introduced animal carts. Excessive use of donkey and horse carts promoted their breed and wastes of these animals introduced the concept of solid waste. A little progress in living style of people created the concept of civic waste management and in the ea of ancient monarchy a huge lot of workers was assigned to manage the civic waste which otherwise was mismanaged because of rise in waste generation due to increase in population.

Industrial revolution

After the invention of machine from printing press to vehicles, the menace of pollution started enveloping the environment into its negative effects. Unplanned industrialization even in developed countries stirred up its spread and vehicular emissions added the pollution in the air. However, after some time the menace of pollution was felt by educated lot but nothing was done practically to contain it.

Modern times

In the second half of twentieth century the ghost of pollution has affected negatively all types of environment including air, land and water. It also negatively impacted the health of human and other living beings. Thereafter saner people of modern times joined their heads to combat this menace. They adopted various pollution control measures which we discussed in later parts of this e-book.

Digital Era

In twenty-first century all advanced nations developed several forums and protocols to contain the curse of pollution but they are unable to mitigate it and to bring it to a uniform level all around the world. Its reason is those who polluted the world mostly adopted the precautionary measures first and are now relatively free from it while those who awake later, progressed later and polluted later would be mitigating it later and meanwhile their generations would be suffering from this menace.

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