How to control air pollution

how to control air pollutionIt is very necessary to learn how to control air pollution because if we do not do then it is possible that air around us keeps on getting polluted. Ultimately a day may come when each one of us might be using oxygen cylinder to enjoy fresh air. This would add burden on our already high cost of living. Therefore, we should understand ways and means of air pollution control.
As we know that major sources of air pollution are vehicles and industries. Hence, for the control of air pollution we must regulate two pipes one is the silencer of the vehicle and other one is the chimney of the industry. If they both work according to the parameters of the standard emissions and emit strictly in accordance with prescribed limit then there won’t be any contamination in the air. For this purpose every individual has to take efforts at his or her own level to contribute for the air quality control.

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Vehicles can’t be stopped plying on the roads just for the sake of controlling the air pollution. It’s a convenient mode of transportation which has shrunk the distances through speed and comfort. It also helped save a lot of time which was used to be spent in earlier times when there was no any fast mode of transportation. However, this great facility of travelling from one place to another place very comfortable should not be let free to do whatever it wants to harm the air. There should be check and balance for it and you as either owner or driver of a vehicle can contribute a lot to emit minimum and help control the air pollution. Some of the main environment friendly steps are;
  • ·         Make regular tuning of the vehicle
  • ·         Keep its engine and silencer in good condition
  • ·         Get balancing of vehicles regularly
  • ·         Maintain air pressure in tubes properly
  • ·         Avoid using adulterated fuel
  • ·         Never use or apply pressure horn
  • ·         Use vehicle when very necessary
  • ·         If convenient rely mostly on public transport
Every Industry usually has a health and environment manager whose main task is to develop environmental management plan to do minimum possible pollution of all types – gaseous, solid and liquid – in its manufacturing process. However, in less developed countries no any proper care is made during the manufacturing activity and ad hoc steps are taken just to avoid any legal action. In the long-term an industry must follow the steps given below to keep its emissions and effluents up to the prescribed limits.
  • ·         Must follow a well designed environment management plan
  • ·         For all development activities must conduct environmental impact assessment
  • ·         Keep machinery and tools in good working condition
  • ·         Conduct environmental audit if it is a big concern
  • ·         If available apply tools of self monitoring and reporting to check pollution
  • ·         Remain in touch with the concerned environmental regulator to get familiar with laws and regulations
  • ·         Avoid following short-cuts to minimize pollution for the time being.

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