Nasty types of pollution where each one is the deadliest

 This world comprises of three parts; land, water and vacuum or air.
On this basis main types of pollution are also three. They are land pollution, water pollution and air pollution.
After this there are several subcategories of types of pollution. Climate change and global warming are results of pollution. So it is wrong to term them one of the types of pollution.
Acid rain and ozone depletion are also outcomes of various types of air pollution. They are not straightaway any form of pollution itself. So we must be clear on what pollution is. Then we can easily discuss what are various types of pollution.

Types of land pollution

types of pollution
Land pollution is created by different acts of polluting on our land. It is created when any unwanted substance, element or compound mixes into any component of the land. Consequently it affects the natural balance of land. So we call it land pollution. If positive things exceed their limit in any part of the land it is also land pollution.
Its examples are as given below:
  • Loads of garbage on ground or underground
  • Dumping of all types of waste on land
  • Littering of polythene bags and other refused stuff on the surface of land
  • Excessive use of pesticide and chemical fertiliser on agricultural land and
  • Any other load on surface or inside of land that hits its original composition.
The subcategories of land pollution are:
  • Garbage pollution
  • Hospital waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Solid waste
  • Coastal pollution
  • Beach pollution
  • Overuse of pesticide and chemical fertilizer

Types of water pollution

Broadly there are two types of water on this earth.
  • One is sweet water that is used for drinking purpose mainly apart from domestic and farming purpose
  • Other one is salt water that is found in seas and oceans
types of pollutionIf anything harmful or harmless disturbs the natural composition of water that state in water is called water pollution.
The main reasons of water pollution are:
  • Industrial and civic waste-water and waste
  • Oil spill from ships
  • Agriculture run-off into the rivers
  • Flow of any type of effluent and sewage that hits the original composition of water.
The main subcategories of water pollution are;
  • Drinking water pollution
  • Oil pollution
  • Thermal pollution
  • Marine pollution
  • River pollution
  • Lake pollution

Types of air pollution

If any type of gas mixes into the air or exceeds its allowable limit within the atmosphere we term it air pollution in that area.
The main sources of air pollution are:
  • Silencer of vehicle
  • Chimney of industries.
If emissions from them are not stayed within allowable limits they create air pollution. It is one of the types of pollution that does not know any border. It means only its creator does not have to pay its price. All living around it also becomes same level of its victims.
The main types of air pollution are:
  • Car pollution
  • Industrial pollution
  • Smog pollution
  • Brick kiln pollution
  • Indoor air pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Dust pollution

No limit of types of pollution

So, these are the three main types of pollution with their subcategories. All of them have equally harmful impact on environment and life both. With the advancement in science and technology its types are expanding. After miraculous growth in computer technology we now face another type that is called e-waste. It is also a type of pollution. We create it by throwing away our old computer machine that increases load of garbage pollution.

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