Water pollution

what is water pollution

Water pollution means contamination of water. Either water is sweet or salty by various harmful elements and compounds their excess deprives the water of its natural characteristics or features. They are not good for health. For example if effluent of a chemical factory flows into the river then we say that river carries polluted water.

Harms of water pollution

Water pollutionis one of the worst forms of pollution because every living being either human being, animal or plants all have to consume water daily and suffer from various serious diseases due to intake of polluted water. If such an important element of life is polluted by unhygienic substances then it will impact negatively the health of who consume such water.
Water pollution has direct negative impact on human health. Drinking of polluted water can result various serious diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, joints ache, stone in kidney, gastro diseases etc. Most of the water-born diseases may cause death of their victims. Therefore, extreme precaution is always suggested while consuming such water which has even modicum of pollution.

Causes of water pollution

The main cause of water pollution is human neglect. In intense want of maximum production, human beings of our times are polluting one of the precious elements of the world. Very survival of life is next to impossible if water is not provided or provided as polluted. Rapid industrialization and steep rise in domestic usage of water owing to so-called rise in standard of living has added effluent and wastewater into natural water causing loads of pollution in it.
The effluent created by industries during their manufacturing process flows into water bodies mainly into rivers and seas if it is not treated to neutralize its harmful effects. The untreated effluent of industries pollutes the water so badly and reduced various minerals of the water. Unfortunately in less developed countries this practice is common because there is lack of commitment to reduce the pollution at source over there and eventually their water is suffering from contamination and their hapless masses have no choice but to consume it to continue their very survival. In developed parts of the world situation is not so bad and industries and governments are aware enough to work out to mitigate this menace at its source.

Effects of water pollution

Polluted water not only affects the life on Earth but it also hamper the natural growth of environment. If there is pollution in the sea, the entire marine environment is affected by it apart from worst hit on marine life by reducing the sea food production causing likelihood of sea food shortage. Similarly if drinking water bodies like canals, streams and lakes are affected by this menace, it directly hits the health of living beings.
Owing to rising number of population all around the world and its load at urban areas has boosted the domestic use of water which eventually pushed rise to generation of wastewater. If civic facilities are not capable to treat wastewater for its reuse it is called sewerage water which if mixes into fresh or salt water contaminates it with lot of pollutants.
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