What is pollution? Do you know how deadlier is its answer?

So what do you say? What is pollution?
Is it a reality or a curse?
It’s a reality if we have accepted it.
If we simply condemn it then obviously it is a big curse. We should accept it. We should accept it to counter it. We should understand it to offset its effects. We should examine it to control its impact.

But we must not adjust with it. Unluckily we are spending our life in a way as if we have adjusted with it.

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Question is straight. What is pollution? But its answer is quite complex.

If we check its definition it is the end result of all our activities that harm our environment. If you smoke, your each puff of smoking cigarette creates pollution.

Your littering outside or inside home generates garbage pollution. If you litter at beach, it causes beach pollution. If you throw garbage into a water body it creates water pollution.

So pollution is the end result of our carelessness to our environment. Right?

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What is pollution? Simple question has complex answer

what is pollutionThe question “what is pollution” does not need a lengthy answer. Scientifically it is the negative result of all human, development and mechanical activities that disturbs the balance of environment.

The objectives of such activities may be positive. But the methods to carry out them may be wrong. That is why they impact wrongly on environment. Any type of development activity does not directly aim to harm our environment. Generally its side effects put lot of damages on our fragile environment.

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How pollution is created?

Did you ever observe the equipment, process or an activity that causes pollution? It may be:

  • Smoke emitting chimney of a factory
  • Silencer of a vehicle
  • Industrial effluent flowing into seas and oceans
  • Mismanagement of solid waste
  • Mishandling of hospital and hazardous waste
  • Wanton destruction of trees
  • Unchecked use of chemical fertilizer
  • Unsafe spilling of nuclear waste

Do we know how pollution hits us?

What happens if harmful effects of pollution could have been quantified? Obviously there would have been panic in societies. People might have stopped doing any kind of activity which may directly or indirectly damages the environment.

Individually the damage to environment seems tiny. If such carelessness adds together across the globe it becomes disaster. It becomes havoc sufficient to shatter the foundation of peaceful natural life in this world.

what is pollution

It’s never too late

During previous few decades the problem of pollution was taken seriously all over the globe. Not too late but world has realized that if not controlled properly, this menace would destroy our natural environment. As a result we may not be able to handover this world to our future generations as safer as we got it from our ancestors.

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Greed is the best friend of pollution

The craze of more and more technological advancement and economic development has made us blind folded. It has forced us to compromise the safety of environment just to earn some more bugs.

This carelessness is widely prevailing in less developed world. But the developed countries are also not lagging in this race of damaging environment. They are equally responsible to hit it. They are doing this for getting the benefits of more and more industrial production.

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Nations of the world many times joined their head to mull over the ways and means to check the environmental degradation. But at individual levels they do less and just pay lip service to environmental issues.

This evil of paying lip service to pollution control is common in backward world. But developed world cannot be declared champion of environmental protection. That is why very few people have the exact answer of the question; what is pollution.

Higher awareness at individual level

There is a positive aspect of the sad story of environmental pollution. At individual level awareness is rising. There are vast numbers of people working in groups and communities to protect their surrounding environment on self-help basis. A few global donors are also playing their due role to help protect natural environment from the menace of pollution.

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But there is no uniformity in green efforts at collective level. That is why pollution level in various parts of the world is quite different. In African and Asian countries it is far from control. In advanced nations of Europe and America now it is being controlled with collective efforts.


Per day cost of pollution in monetary terms varies from country to country. Somewhere it is $0.1 million dollar a day and somewhere it is above $1 million dollar per day. But it is not the issue of monetary gains or losses. It is the matter of life of human beings. Who doesn’t know that human life is priceless?

It is yet to be seen when global fraternity wakes up from deep somber to be united against pollution. Stand alone efforts will never be fruitful to control it. Together we can make our environment safe from harms of all types of pollution. Let’s see when we will get together to combat it.

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