Environment and Pollution

what is environment and pollution
Environment supports life and pollution does so death. In early seventies a few people of each nation were worry about environmental degradation because machine had not dominated the activities of life those days and it done so today. Half of the work which is being done by machines now was done manually in those golden times when ethical values and social life was enviable and everything was not mechanical. Care, love, sympathy was in abundance those days. But thanks to greed for wealth that today we have to search the human feelings from the mechanical process of the life. In this process our environment has also been severely hit by pollution the most deadly outcome of our rampant progress and development in every field.
Technologically most parts of the world are so civilized in present times but ethically and morally we are bankrupt. We are losing natural beauty of the environment but simultaneously are very proud of our achievements in science and technology. Isn’t it counterproductive that our every achievement is being offset by the hazards of pollution impacting our life and well-being? Why do humans work day and night to spend a happy life without diseases and natural stress or a life full of machines but devoid of any kind of true rejoicing?

About environment and pollution

Nowadays it’s a buzz act to narrate the horrendous tales of the disasters of the pollution on environment. With the help of some tabulated and graphical data on harms of pollution on environment and human beings we can prove our environmental wisdom but is that enough to narrate the negative impacts by just expressing the grave concerns and damning our collective attitude towards the environmental losses.
Should we not bring behavioral changes regarding environment instead of pointing fingers on others. Interestingly, for the environmental care and conservation efforts in every society, government expects from communities and vice versa. Advance nations blame the poor lot for the environmental degradation and poor nations jealously held advance nations’ industrial progress responsible for the environment decay.

Who cares environment and pollution?

It is widely admitted that collective thinking is must to care for environment. There are two types of role a person plays in a society with respect to environment.
  • Individual role for environment and pollution
  • Collective role for environment and pollution as part of the community
It is pity that ninety per cent people on this earth are not playing both these role as far as environmental care is concerned.

What to do for environment and pollution?

Individual role for environment and pollution

  • Make habit of saving energy of all types, electric, gas, oil so that we don’t have to destroy nature for more and more energy
  • Take water as a precious matter and then consume it as the drop of water in your hands is the last drop on the earth
  • Shun laziness and avoid machines as much as possible, like go by feet instead of by vehicle for short distances, avoid shaving machine and use razor, avoid drying hair with machine and give them sometime to dry in the natural air.
  • Recycle and reuse whatever you can and thus reduce the waste
  • Make cleanliness your second nature
  • Develop emotional feelings for trees and treat them as your baby
  • Never smoke, smoke less or start quitting smoking from today

Collectively role for environment and pollution

  • Whatever products you consume verify its manufacturing as environment-friendly by its brand, company or through other sources of information and avoid using those products which were outcome of the polluting.
  • Vote only those candidates for the local and national governments who promise to do for the environmental care at the government level and make them fulfill their promise when they come in power.
  • Remain in touch with the green community (group of people active for environmental care) to keep highlight the environmental violationsaround you.
  • Whenever see any polluting activity don’t take it casually nor expect someone else would point it out; just take your phone and report to local environmental authorities of that nasty act.
  • Whenever possible keep joining environmental awarenessactivities near to your area
  • Keep reading this blog which has long-term goal of making aware entire population of this world to keep your environmental passion up.

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