Top 3 reasons of pollution

what are reasons of pollution

Top three reasons of pollution may be quite a strange topic for you because we off and on read a lengthy list of causes and sources which raise the pollution load on planet earth but do not think about why this menace is rife all around the world. Most strangely whoever is responsible for its spread fully knows its havoc and negative impacts on life and environment but despite of this fact the situation is worsening instead of a little retreat in it.

Global demagogues lambast the acts of polluting and never leave any chance to condemn it. If we count there are innumerable pledges and commitments made at global forums during previous two decades but despite that the green is turning into orange in all components of the earth either it is land, water or air and all are receiving the worst hit.
Actually we have engrossed ourselves in horrendous facts and figures of harms and hazards of pollution but not ready to think why does the green is no more or very less on our planet earth while environmental degradation is expanding persistently. Does it mean the advancement in science and technology and increased level of mechanization is responsible for it. Never at all; it is we individually and collectively who can rightly be slammed for the spread of this menace.

3 main reasons of pollution

There are three reasons related to us – the human beings – which spread the pollution on our earth.

Greed for more

This is one of the key among top three reasons of pollution. Yes this is the human psyche that it never be contented over materialistic gains and always yearns for more and more. Either it is necessities, comforts or luxuries the human-wants for them never stop and always keep on rising. If we fulfill maximum number of our wants then we try to innovate them. Who knew the hot dog or zinger burger a hundred years ago? What it actually is? It is simply meat and bread but it is blended in a designer way and then branded into various brands and even after that the series of fast food chains make it their specialty. What is the outcome? There is mushroom growth of fast food restaurants and then appearance of a fast food culture which made life habitual of ease, now we in craze of making life easier need comforts everywhere.
If it is possible we would have been eating while running on the road just to save the time. We create a lot of garbage due to fast food culture; we try to consume everything in a portable thing and after the we throw it. We try to carry everything in once-used bag and add solid waste. What is the end result of our greed for more; obviously a lot of load on land pollution?

Craze for ease

Yeah the second most important among top three reasons of pollution is our undue craze for the convenience. We don’t want to move ourselves for even a slighter work. We need support of whatever type especially of machines to do our daily chores from making a coffee in electric cattle to writing an email to a friend in neighborhood instead of going straight away to him or her a few steps away. This ultimately gave an unbridled boost to urbanization and industrialization. How?
People demanded comforts and facilities, the manufacturers evaluated the monetary worth of public demands and started manufacturing the electronic items and products for their convenience. Secondly wherever these facilities and comforts found in abundance people started shifting to such places and it is called urbanization which created mega cities all around the world where life is cheaper and things to spend this life are costlier. As a result speedy growth in industrialization hits the environment because it was not possible to keep pace with rising demand while taking care of environment. Greed overrode the environmental care.

Lack of planning

This is the last but not the least among top three reasons of pollution. Admitted that all luxuries and necessities are very much needed to make life happier but the people who manufactured these products did not take care of environmental aspect in their manufacturing concerns. They just installed plants over plants and machines over machines just to meet the rising demand of their products. As a result they produced smoke-emitting vehicles and their own factories became the biggest source of land and water pollution. If they had planned every step of their industrial expansion and taken the full care of their surrounding environment there would not have been this much mess in our environment and we might be living our life in a relatively pollution-free environment.
So above are the top three reasons of pollution in my point of view. If I had missed any and you feel it another important reason I would love to read it in your comments below.

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