Happy Diwali, Stay Safe and Don’t Pollute

Hindus celebrate Diwali all over the world in late Ashwin (September–October) and ends in early Kartika (October–November).
On this day they greet each other with salutation of happy diwali. This is an event of happiness and rejoicing when entire Hindu fraternity pays thanks to its gods and goddesses by expressing happiness.
They enjoy sweets, kindle candles & kerosene lamps and wear new clothes. Children blow up firecrackers on the eve of Diawali, the festival of lights.

Stay safe and say Happy Diwali

Every year media reports casualties due to the burning by fire crackers. People in extreme joy forget to adopt safety measures and receives burn injuries and in some case fire intensifies and causes huge damages to life and property. However, after rising awareness on safety measures now people are very much cautious and in urban areas most of the people after Diwali greetings also advises each other to stay safe.

Diwali pollution

happy diwaliBut unfortunately very few people think about environment which also receives big hit owing to the burning of fire crackers in huge quantity all across the India and wherever Hindus live in the world. Their full-of-frenzy rejoicing causes both air pollution and noise pollution.

Effects of Diwali pollution

According to a recent report, prior to the day of Diwali the air pollution in main cities of the India started rising owing to the burning of the firecrackers in every nook and corner of this country of the oldest civilization.
Carbon monoxide emissions crossed the permissible limits in the residential areas and its higher level reminded us the days when all vehicles used petrol as fuel instead of CNG which causes less smoke emissions.
Similarly, owing to the big and frequent blasts of the fire crackers noise pollution is also rising at the alarming level in metros and towns.
The ideal permissible limit of noise in residential area is 45-50 decibel. But it crosses the limit and reaches the level of 70-80 decibel which is so harmful especially to the hearing ability and nerves of the infants, senior citizens and patients. It also disturbs those who do the mental type of work.

How to stay safe from Diwali pollution?

Environmentalists advised the people to not only shut their ears to avoid the noise pollution but also cover their eyes and nose to stave off smoke and its smell.
However, it is not possible to celebrate this festival of lights by adopting such precautionary measures as if you are going to a battlefield. So what is the solution before saying happy diwali.

Solution for Diwali pollution

Its solution is so simple. You must celebrate Diwali but by taking full care of your surrounding environment. Is it good to be happy by saddening your precious natural resources? So this year celebrate Diwali while expressing joys and not making the environment to express sorrows on this festival of lights.
It is not written anywhere that if you won’t burn crackers your gods would not come to know that you are expressing joys and thankfulness. There are several other ways to be happy to show your happiness. Wear new, colorful clothes, enjoy sweets, arrange candle lights in huge number, hug your environment and give it greetings of Diwali.
After this serious note, to all my readers Happy Diwali, Stay Safe and Don’t Pollute.

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