Obama faces hard choice between energy and environment in 2013

Between energy and environment; Obama has to pick one of them while implementing the gas extraction plan where a procedure hydraulic fracturing is to be adopted for its implementation.

What is hydraulic fracturing?

Under the process of the hydraulic fracturing millions of gallon water along with the sand and certain chemicals are injected underground to split the rocks and extract gas from them. Owing to this procedure the mixture of the water, sand and chemicals pose big environmental threat to the underground water and other flora and fauna. It may also spill back to the surface in huge quantity and hits the land especially fertility of the agriculture land.

US EPA wants to regulate hydraulic fracturing

Environmental Protection Agency of USA has proposed to regulate this procedure of gas extraction. It suggested restricting the gas explorers to treat the mixture of the water, sand and chemicals before letting it come back over the surface. Similarly they have to adopt measures to make this mixture minimum harmful to the underground land and its environment. This proposal is in draft form which needs to be approved by the President Barrack Obama after its necessary approval from the US parliament.

Energy at the cost of environment is opposed

choice of energy and environment
Environmentalists in US are putting pressure over the US administration to regulate the substance produced from the process of the hydraulic fracturing while extracting the gas. They are of the view that energy at the cost of environment can never be a green energy. It may be recalled that green aspect of the entire recent election campaign of Obama revolved around the green energy so he is bound to fulfill his pre-poll promise. Between energy and environment they loudly stress upon the latter choice.

Energy producers want minimum restrictions

Energy sector players are supporting minimum regulations over the hydraulic fracturing procedure for the gas extraction. This method is quite cheap if environmental aspect is not given so much importance. If it undergoes strict environmental regulation then the cost of the gas extracted through this process may rise to the abnormally high level. Therefore, energy sector leaders are advocating the minimum or preferably nor restrictions over this procedure. Between energy and environment they stand for the former option.

Between energy and environment; all eyes on US

On the other hand entire world is also curiously observing this whole affair because the decision of the Obama administration on this score would become a benchmark for the rest of the world to follow. Other nations of the world are also quite hopeful for applying the process of the hydraulic fracturing to extract the gas. Obviously they would also have to regulate the watery mixture used in this procedure before letting it flow back to the water bodies.


It remains to be seen how Obama and his administration deal with this issue. Obviously there is a mid-way solution of every problem but for the issues related to nature such type of solutions cannot work with their true spirit. For such sensitive issues one has to take a hard decision. You cannot please both environment and polluters through one decision. If Obama administration softens the regulation then environment would ultimately suffer. If it goes for the stricter one even then gas prices would move up. It will raise the prices of the commodities and services of all the sectors which directly or indirectly are reliant on gas as their fuel for the manufacturing. Let’s see what Obama will prefer between energy and environment in coming days.

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