India’s Kumbh Mela rituals lift water pollution in Ganges

This is another problem of the least developed countries. More than several religious rituals equally contribute in raising various types of pollution. Either it is Diwali which pushes the noise pollution up, Eidul Adha that generates animal waste in huge amount or Christmas that produces solid waste; very little can be said about this issue because of their sanctity. But it is quite clear from the teachings of every religion of the world that all of them stresses upon the need of maintaining the cleanliness that is the foundation of the clean environment.

Cleansing of soul and body

In famous Indian city Allahabad a huge congregation of Hindus is held regularly after every 12 years that is called Kumbh Mela. In this religious ceremony the worshippers solemnly take dip in river of Ganges to purify their soul and body. Hinduism is famous for its lot of formalities while offering any kind of prayers. Actually its formalities in every religious activity make the Hindu religion so fascinating and quite impressive for the rest of the world. However, for environmental point of view it is little painful as most of the items relate to eating or burning of herbs to create aroma that directly or indirectly create any type of pollution if it is done in huge quantity.

100 million to take bath in Ganges

water pollution in Ganges
This year nearly eight million people took bath in holy river on first day of the Kumbh Mela on 14 January, 2012. They contributed a huge amount of water pollution in Ganges. The dip in the Ganges is done at Sangam where the Ganges and Yumna rivers meet on 14 January. They believe that by doing so they cleanse their sins and become as if they born right now. This situation does not end here because the Mela will continue for the 55 days and during this period it is expected that nearly 100 million people will take bath at the cross-rivers point of Ganges and Yumna.

No quick solution of water pollution in Ganges

Apparently there is no quick solution of the problem of water pollution in Ganges. Due to religious rituals of Kumbh Mela everybody has the right to exercise his religious beliefs without any barriers. However, the various items used in bathing could be made quite harmless for the water if there is permission in Hinduism to do so. It is a candid fact that most of the subsidiary rituals in every religion are made by the pious elders that are not unchangeable. According to the changing needs of the time they can be modified to best suit the modern times.

Awareness is the possible solution

For this purpose there is need to raise awareness in Hindu communities about what is must be practiced in Kumbh Mela what can be avoided to reduce water pollution in Ganges. After all in every religion there is provision of amendments in secondary type of rituals if time demands for it. Secondly government of India has to make arrangements for the maximum facilities of devotes of Kumbh Mela and to let them know how to create minimum water pollution in Ganges while taking bath in it. After all Ganges and Yumna both are very holy spots for the Hindus and none of them would refuse to maintain its clean environment. Hence the need is to make them aware on this issue with the sincerity of the purpose.

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