Now your cell phone would let you know the level of air pollution

cell phone and air pollution
How much gases of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane etc are in the air that you are inhaling? You don’t know the level of air pollution around you. That is why you are under direct attack of the lethal effects of the harmful gases present in excess of the permissible limits in the ambient air. You can’t take put a mask over your nose and mouth all the time to sieve the air before its inhale. You just have to compromise over this situation with simply contributing your role to mitigate the level of gaseous emissions by going green as much as possible.

Research under process

But now a research is going on in San Diego, USA to invent a handy device fixable in your mobile phone to let you know the level of air pollution around you. This new system is called Citisense which is being researched with significant success. The research over this system is being made under the leadership of a professor of computer science in San Diego. The sensor which would detect the level of air quality in your surrounding has already been tested by a group of people. The result of the testing showed that air is contaminated more where it has higher traffic load.

Sensors to detect level of air pollution

In this device sensors are installed to detect the amount of pollutants in the air. Sensors send the information to a server that uses a process to calculate the exact level of air pollution to describe it in the quantified terms. It is not yet clear either the device would let us know overall situation or tell us the quantity of each pollutant in the air. After the complete development of this device, users with the help of this app would easily see the map at their mobile screen with the description of the level of the air contamination of the place where they are standing. The information would also let the app users know the comparison of permissible limit of air contamination around them with the air quality standards.

Device to support going-green lifestyle

According to the experts, this air pollution testing device would be a great help for those who are following going green lifestyle and want to know the level of air quality around them. Most of such people try to avoid every activity that can mar the atmospheric cleanliness. They try to use bike or prefer bus over individual car to contribute in controlling the air pollution. But simultaneously they are at direct risk of the bad air quality as a consequence of the irresponsible environmental behavior by others who damn care to play their role to keep the air with minimum level of pollution.

Battery issue being resolved

When this device will be ready for use? This may take some more time as right now the issue of battery time for the device is being resolved. If battery does not have long service time its efficacy would be affected because people would like to use it for a longer period of time when they stay outside home. Presently this device was fixed in Smartphone and both were charged separately. If this practice of recharging batteries separately continues, users will not prefer to keep a device that needs two separate charging systems.

Level of air pollution will guide us where not to go

After its final development this device to test the level of air pollution would not be in the range of common man because of its higher price. But on the basis of economies of scale its cost would lower ultimately because of huge amount of its manufacturing. On lower cost its demand would shoot up and one day we would be deciding where to go and where not to go on the basis of the level of air contamination at our intended places.

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