Go Green on Valentine Day

This is your fundamental right to do whatever you like but you must not harm anyone with your activity or work. You can even dance on the road if you don’t disturb the people moving or driving on the road. That is why there are some ethics while moving outside your home. Similarly you can enjoy your life and celebrate the days of international significance the way you like. But here again you must not harm anyone. Do you know what this “anyone” means? It means every living being including human beings, animals, plants and our entire nature.

So what is your plan on Valentine Day?

So you must have a lot of plans to celebrate the Valentine Day on 14th February. That is very great if you think you should do that go for it but don’t forget others while enjoying this day. You don’t have to do any huge work for this purpose. With a few small tips you can go green on upcoming day of love and care.
Here are these not-so-huge tips:

Ecards for Valentine Day

green valentine dayTime has changed now. There is no need to waste your money to buy a paper card for this day of the expression of feelings. This is an era of internet. Most of us spend half of their day working over internet on their laptop or PC. So show its proof and send to your loved one an ecard on this day of romance. Even if you get a free Valentine Day card just skip it and this time send V-Day messages to your loved one through a paperless source. In this way you would help reduce the garbage on planet Earth. You will not be alone in this cause. All those who read this post will join us in this activity. Not only they but surely they would also pass on this message to their friends and family and by and by we all would help reduce the solid waste on the occasion of this day of pleasure in a significant amount.

Valentine Day gift ideas to go green

This is your personal matter what type of gift you want to give to your loved one. Obviously chocolate, cake and flowers would top the list. Don’t worry I am not advising you to replace them with a plant or dustbin. But while sending these gifts make a truly valentine day gift for her by keeping the weight of cake as much as she and her family can eat it before letting it stale. Yes you are right you don’t let them waste it and for this keep its weight as much as they can consume it and need not to throw it. Same thing do for other gifts and don’t use large wrappers to pack them. Just that much size that may be enough to fully cover your gift for her of if you are a girl then your lovely gift for him. If it is perfume prefer to give an eco-friendly perfume that is commonly available in the market. Else non-spray perfume can also be the best alternate.

Valentine Day games

These are usually very romantic and sometimes very sensational. You can put a thought for going green in it. If you are in park ask your loved one not to run or walk over the grass and use the walking track for this. If you are going to watch V-Day movie ask your partner not to buy snacks unnecessarily there and can share the eatables with each other as much as you can. In this way again you would help reduce to create solid waste on our land.


In short on this day of love and rejoicing just follow one rule that is reduce. Try to apply this rule in your every activity and help reduce the garbage as much as you can. For this you don’t have to remain alert during the whole day just play your part and don’t be worry about the rest of world. This is your event so enjoy it with your own way dude. Happy Valentine Day and lot of love to all my friends!

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