How pollution control system collapses in poor countries

pollution control in poor countriesWhy pollution of all types is rising in poor countries. There are less industries and vehicles in poor countries as compare to advance ones. But despite of this, pollution level is rising instead of at least being standing still if it does not decline. Its reason is only one. They pollute more and make no efforts to control the environmental degradation. Their pollution control system collapses soon after it is established. Let me clarify this point.

Merit is put aside in pollution control

Every poor country following the suit of advanced nations first makes legislation for pollution control. Consequently it establishes pollution control agency with its branches in every district or estate to keep firm grip over all types of development activities that may pollute the environment. But while establishing the pollution control agency bad governance creeps into its mechanism because bad governance is very common in every institution of poor countries. As a result merit is entirely overlooked while hiring the staff. Non-qualified staff fails to efficiently perform and give any results for pollution prevention.

Corruption in environmental protection

In most of the poor countries inefficient staff doesn’t shy to do corruption which is also a common practicein poor countries. Despite flagrant violation of environmental laws no action is taken against the violators. Polluters remain free to pollute the environment because they offer bribe to the staffers of environmental protection agency. Secondly most of the polluters have high level of contacts with powerful people who fully support them to continue their polluting activities.

Political interference in green affairs

Political interference in government institution is also very common in poor countries. Political bosses of pollution control agencies in poor countries cannot afford the displeasure of polluters who are usually big industrialists and rich vehicle owners. In most of the backward countries political parties stand and win the election with the support of business tycoons and industrialists. They people under the shield of political bosses come out to support their community if any action is taken against it on account of their polluting the environment.

Weak judicial system

In a few improving backward countries if staffers of a pollution control agency dare to take action against a polluter and refer its case to any court there also pollution prevention system collapses. The judicial system of most of the backward countries is very slow. If someone is referred in court on account of making pollution his case is usually heard and decided in years. Meanwhile that polluter continues the polluting activities and environment remains the worst hit during this process. Moreover, there are several delaying tactics in weak judicial system of poor countries which offer a lot of space to drag the case against polluter as long as possible.

Media and civil society are no exception

Media and civil society in poor countries are also equally responsible to let the pollution prevention system collapse by itself. Media cover the news that is popular because it has to sell its product with the help of the contents that are read or watched more by the audience. Unaware people of poor countries have no concern about environment and they don’t give any importance to environmental issues. Therefore, most of the pollution control issues remain unattended. As a result no one makes pressure on environmental protection agency to take action against the polluters. Civil society of poor countries also remains engaged in fighting other evils of short-term nature like poverty, lawlessness, crimes, illiteracy and other social evils.

Where are you from?

So this is the sad story of pollution prevention mechanism of every poor country where authorities responsible to control all types of pollution can be fully blamed for playing havoc with the Mother Nature. If you belong to any poor country please give your comments am I right or wrong. If you are lucky to be from an advance nation then too share your thoughts about malpractices in green sectors in every part of the world.


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