Poor countries fail to manage environmental information

environmental informationIf you don’t know about the exact information of a problem how do you solve it? This is the main issue of every less developed country of the world. They don’t have exact environmental datato solve the problems related to their environment. They neither have capacity to collect such data nor do they have ability to manage it. As a result environmental managers of such countries just talk on the basis of guesstimates. They make their every green plan on rough estimates. That is why most of their green plans fail to bring results. Eventually they groan that they are working so hard to solve the pollution problems but because of unknown reasons they are not in a position to solve them upfront. As a result their people suffer and pay the price of the inefficiency of their green demagogues in shape of their degrading health and their weakening physical environment.

What is environmental information?

Environmental information means all the data that reflect; how is the environment of a country. It usually covers:
  • Air quality of the country which means is its ambient air has or has not the required balance and ratio of the requisite gases and other matter.
  • Water quality of the country which means all the water bodies of that country including sea, river, lakes, streams, underground water and other resources have or have not all the elements and compounds in required ratio and there is or there is no any excess or lacking of any of them.
  • Land infrastructure of country with the details of the soil features, effectiveness or ineffectiveness of solid and other waste management systems
  • The quality and the amount of natural resources of a country including its water resources, mountains, valleys, marsh, coasts, deserts, wildlife sanctuaries, water bodies and all other such resources which are bestowed by the mother Nature.

How to collect environmental information?

Collection of environmental information is not an easy task. There are various scientific parameters to collect the various types of the environmental data. While developing uniformity in each type of data collected from various areas special care is taken to ensure that all such data is taken in same weather and under same other scientific parameters. A software is developed to not only record each type of data from the various locations but also to calculate their weighted average, mean and median to develop overall picture of the same type of data of the entire country. It is itself a science where not only environmental expertise is required but one should also be expert in data collection with the help of various software of the information technology.

How to manage environmental information?

After collection of the environmental information of a country the second challenge is to manage it. Here manage does not mean just to keep but to keep it updated with the incorporation of various changes as and when occur in overall environment of that country. On everyday changes occur in ecosystem and environment of each country. Here need is to not only keep vigil watch over them but to get ready all such equipment to record these changes without lapse of time. Not only this but also to update the record of all such stakeholders who are utilizing the data for research purpose to make them avoid any discrepancy in their research work.

Existing practice

It is a pity that most of the backward countries of Asia and Africa don’t have such data. On need basis they collect randomly such information. In some cases global research institutes collect such information from backward countries without any previous background or setting any standard and they do this randomly purely on standalone basis. Such information don’t have long term viability but global institutions very proudly declare the top 10 most polluted cities or countries of the world on the basis of such one-time environmental information.

The big idea

There is need of an international organization that works in all the regions of the world and collects the environmental information of each country of the world to facilitate the global researchers as well as to put institutional pressure on each country to solve their pollution problems that are going grave day by day. In this way masses of the whole global community would be rescued from the rising level of pollution all over the world.

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