Top 5 causes of air pollution in Asia

causes of air pollutionWhat is most common in China, Iran, India, Pakistan or any other Asian country of same level. There is one common problem in all of them. Causes of air pollution in these countries may be several. But they all fail to control air pollution.
Media is replete with horrendous stories of the devastating effects of air pollution in such countries. Not mega cities but their small towns are also suffering from this menace. Just cast a look over the densely populated area of China. You can see every second person wearing breathing mask. Especially in winter when fog and air emissions make lethal smog pollution.
Some parts of the Asia are developing rapidly. Especially eastern countries like Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia. But the causes of air pollution are also rising with the same rapid pace. They don’t have a strong pollution control system. Their development strategy no doubt fully takes care of environment. But it is not old enough to offset the pollution created prior to this strategy.

5 causes of air pollution in Asia

Broadly speaking there are 5 reasons of air pollution in Asia.

Poor fitness checking system for vehicles

Most of the backward Asian countries have no any fool-proof mechanism to check the vehicles before their coming onto roads for plying. The officials in such countries who check the fitness of vehicles are not only inefficient but also corrupt. They clear the obsolete and faulty vehicles on payment of graft of even not more than 10 to 20 dollars. Secondly the fitness checking mechanism itself is obsolete. Vehicles are checked manually without any gadget or instrument. As a result thousands of unfit vehicles are plied on roads that emit smoke and poisonous gases more than the prescribed limits. They are one of the main causes of air pollution.

Weaker laws to control industrial emissions

Nearly all the Asian countries do have environmental laws to control the pollution. But their implementation mechanism is not strong enough to achieve this objective. Polluters are not afraid of being prosecuted. They know the weak justice system of their country. A single court-case takes years to be disposed of. Most of Asian countries don’t have proper force to implement their green laws and control industrial pollution. As a result there is no control over polluting industries. Hence they are one of the main causes of air pollution in Asia.

Use of adulterated fuel adds vehicular emissions

In Asia oil production at local basis is next to nothing. Nearly all the countries other than Gulf countries have to import oil from the global oil producers. Simultaneously poverty is rife in most of the Asian countries. Their people can’t afford to pay higher prices for quality fuel for their vehicle. Consequently they use adulterated oil at low prices. It is massively used in private public transport. It is also one of the key causes of air pollution in Asia. Vehicles that use adulterated oil emit more smoke and poisonous gases and as a result air contamination rises further.

Open garbage burning to get rid of solid waste

Many countries of Asia have yet to adopt a sound solid waste management system. In most of the poor countries of Asia half of the solid waste is not properly disposed of. As a result it simply litters around and makes mess in the environment. People burn such littered garbage to get rid of it. As a result smoke of garbage burning adds air pollution.

No plan to control indoor air pollution

There is no concept of designing homes with maximum exhaust in most parts of Asia. Because of the pervasive poverty in this region people build their homes without any design. They just decide themselves what would be the design of their home and get it constructed by an unqualified mason. As a result most of the homes in Asia don’t have proper exhaust. Their indoor air pollution directly affects the health of inmates.
So these are the five main causes of air pollution in Asia. To control this menace all these countries have to bring the pollution control on the top of their national agenda. Otherwise it would keep on rising and hapless people of this region would be suffering from its harmful effects.

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