30 practical tips to plant a tree – the complete guide

plant a tree
It is so easy to ask someone plant a tree but putting sapling into the soil and then grow it as full tree is not an easy task. It needs your resolve, your care and your sense of going green because it takes time for a sapling to be fully grown. That is why more than half of the saplings planted all over the world could not have reached to the level of full tree because of its lack of care. Most people just plant a tree and then care it very casually to grow it full.

How to plant a tree?

Here are 30 practical tips to plant a tree and make it fully grown with your continuous care to enjoy its benefits of fresh air, shadow and its fruits and flowers.

1. Make a pledge

For every good action you need to make a resolve first. Your resolve to plant a sapling is actually a booster for you to keep taking care of it and take it to the level of fully grown tree. You can also tell others about your pledge. In this way you will be bound to uphold your pledge till the end of your good action.

2. Make a plan

Just a pledge is not enough. You also need to make a plan to decide the following matters.
  • Where to plant a tree?
  • Which tree you want to plant?
  • Do you do this alone or with other friends?

3. Involve community

Please remember tree is not the personal property of anyone, if it is planted in an open area. So why should you alone do the whole work from planting a sapling to watering it regularly, protecting it from wind pressure and animals and then grow it to full tree. If you live in a community motivate others to join you in this cause and make it a collective venture.

4. Select area

It is not enough to just select a location. You need to mark the exact place where you want to plant a tree. After that you will be able to move forward to take further steps to put your plan into practice.

5. Make its survey

After that you need to make survey of the exact place. You have to check if it is personal property of someone. Or does government has any plan to commercialize that place and sell it in future.

6. Future development around it

Apart from making survey of the exact location you need to check possibility of developments in future like installations of poles for electricity, telephone or any other energy supply. If there is any plan like that it is possible your fully grown tree is cut for the sake of development.

7. Fulfill formalities

If the place you selected for this purpose belongs to community plot you need to take permission from the civic agency. Without permission you can face the problem in future and you cannot stop its cutting if you planted it without permission. So make your plan viable and get all necessary permissions if any.

8. Select tree specie

This is the most important point. You need not to follow you desire while selecting the specie of tree you want to plant. Usually people like to select specie that grows fruits but you have to see soil condition for this purpose.

9. Seek advice

For this purpose you need to get consultancy of any forestry expert and he will tell you which specie will grow easily after analyzing the soil condition and availability of water in the area.

10. Keep economic value up

But ask the forestry expert to explore possibility of planting specie of tree that gives fruit. In this way it will have value and people will collectively take care of it to enjoy its fruits.

11. Buy the sapling

Now you have to go to nearby nursery and buy the specie of tree as suggested by the forestry expert. You should buy it on the same day when you have to put it into the soil for growing.

12. Circle the area

Once you decide the specie, exact place and get the necessary permission now you have to draw a circle at the place where you would put the sapling inside the soil.

13. Dig the ditch

First of all with the help or advice of a gardener you need to dig the hole. Its radius, diameter and depth should be fully measured as advised by the forestry expert and gardener.

14. Plant sapling

Now the main action of your whole plan; just put the sapling at the right place in the dug hole and then fill the soil in the hole by letting the branch of the sapling to stay atop on the land.

15. Put the fence

To protect the sapling from wind pressure and from pye-animals you need to put a fence around the sapling. For this you can buy a wooden or iron fence depending upon your budget.

plant a tree16. Put the balancing rope

After one to two months when sapling grows a little you can also tie it with rope with the rounding fence to keep it in balance. You need to do it if the sapling leans down in one direction.

17. Organic fertilizer

You must select the organic fertilizer to grow your tree. It is generally made with the help of composting of kitchen waste and doesn’t have any harmful elements in it. Composting is a natural process through which you change the organic kitchen waste into organic fertilizer by putting it into deep dig for some time. It is easily available at any green fertilizer shop.

18. Water regularly

You need to water regularly with fixed intervals. The amount of water should neither be less nor be more because it may harm the growth of your sapling.

19. Put a motivation plaque

A plaque just beside the fence with names of people who planted the sapling will let others know about the people behind your green cause. Others may be motivated and plan the same green action in their area.

20. Get a checkup

When your sapling is half-grown, you need to get it checked up by the forestry expert to know if there is any problem with it.

21. Keep watering

When your tree is about to fully grown you need not stop watering assuming that it will now suck its required water through its roots from the soil. You have to water it till the time you are advised by the forestry expert.

22. Keep cleaning

You should clean the area around the sapling and also clean the trunk if something is stuck on it to make its tidy look.

23. Ask community to wait for fruit

After your planted tree is fully grown and if it is a fruit tree ask the community to wait for the fruit. Don’t let anyone pick the fruit in its raw form. That will be worthless and it is better to wait till the fruit is fully ripened.

24. Distribute first reap in community

Distribute the first reap of the fruit of your planted tree in community to motivate others to follow your suite and plant more trees. In this way people will come to know the immediate benefits of a tree.

25. Plant more

This must be your ultimate objective of planting a sapling. You should do the whole process in a way to not only motivate others to plant trees more and more but you also keep planting trees wherever you find an opportunity to do so.

26. Repeat the process

Initially you should select the place just beside the tree you recently fully grown. You plant another tree there and repeat the whole process as much time as possible.

27. Develop habit of tree planting

You do the whole process of tree plantation in a way that it not only becomes you habit but other people also make it their habit.

28. Spread the whole story

Tell others the whole story of your planting a tree and also show them photographs of the process from start to end to influence other people to go green

29. Try to publish tree story in paper

You should also publish this story in your city’s or regional newspapers to tell people about your green success and invite them to visit the site of your tree.

30. Put it on blog

If you have a blog, publish this story on it or write a guest post for any green blog which you read.

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