Top 45 diseases caused by pollution

diseases caused by pollutionA newly conducted research revealed that more than 20 million deaths around the world each year occurred due to pollution and majority of them pertains to East and South Asia where most of the countries are backward. Another previous study disclosed that 40 per cent of the total deaths in the world each year are because of the one or the other form of pollution. It sounds horrendous to hear that many deaths because of environmental degradation but very few of us seriously think upon it.

45 diseases caused by pollution

Therefore, I have compile here top 45 diseases caused by pollution which are actually 45 diseases as the outcome of the various types of pollution. 

Diseases caused by pollution in the air

Respiratory and lung diseases including:

1.       Asthma attacks because of inhaling various poisonous gases and constant suffocation owing to polluted air

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease –COPD

2.       Weakening of lung function because of constant inhaling of contaminated air
3.       Pulmonary cancer – because of inhaling various carcinogenic stuff through polluted air
4.       Mesothelioma– another type of lung cancer because of inhaling asbestos particles suspended in the air
5.       Pneumonia: an infection of lungs because of breathing inside bacteria flying in wind pressure and moves into the respiratory system of a person who inhales polluted air
6.       Bronchitis; the inflammation and swelling of the air passages between nose to lungs and throat to lungs
7.       Emphysema: it’s a state of lungs when tiny air sacs in them
8.       Leukemia– exposure to benzene vapors causes this disease which is a type of blood cancer
9.       Birth defects and immune system defects; it occurs due to constant breathing in polluted air
10.   Cardiovascular problems; bad air quality and lot of poisonous gases and particulate matter suspended in the air cause heart diseases and stroke
11.   Neurobehavioral disorders; it’s also result of inhaling polluted air that directly affect your neuro system
12.   Liver and other types of cancer; suspended carcinogenic (cancer causing) matter in the air is main cause of all types of cancer related to respiratory system
13.   Premature death; the ultimate outcome of constant inhaling of polluted air
14.   Autism; that is tendency to live in isolation

Diseases caused by pollution in the water

15.   Typhoid; an infectious diseases caused by intake of water with harmful bacteria as a result of mixing of various water pollutants in it
16.   Giardiasis; it’s an intestinal diseases caused by microscopic parasite present in polluted water
17.   Amoebiasis;it’s a type of gastro disease and main cause of diarrhoea
18.   Ascariasis;it is intestinal infection because of intake of polluted water
19.   Hookworm;it’s another form of parasitic infection of intestines
20.   Gastroenteritis;it’s an inflammation of gastro intestines
21.   Dhiarrhea:that means complete disorder of your digestive system and inflammation in your stomach because of drinking water pollution
22.   Encephalitis;acute inflammation of brain because of viral infection
23.   Stomach cramps and aches owing to presence of various harmful bacteria in polluted water
24.   Vomiting as a result of failure of your digestive system to process the consumed food
25.   Hepatitis: an inflammation of liver as a result of viral infection; it’s of A, B and C types
26.   Respiratory infections because of flow of polluted water into the respiratory system while bathing and cleaning nose
27.   Liver damage and even cancer due to presence of chlorinated solvents in the polluted water
28.   Kidney damage because of various harmful chemicals present in the polluted water
29.   Neurological problems – including weakening of nervous system owing to presence of DDT and other pesticides in water that mix into it with agriculture run-off
30.   Weak sexual power because of presence of various chemicals in drinking water including endocrine disruptors
31.   Thyroid system disorders also because of various harmful chemicals in polluted water
32.   Malaria;it’s a mosquito-borne infectious disease caused by persistent water pollutants
33.   Rashes on skin of sensitive parts of body because of direct contact of various harmful chemicals present in polluted water
34.   Ear aches: also the result of direct contact of polluted water in sensitive parts of ear
35.   Pink eyes; as a result of passage of polluted water on eye surface

Diseases caused by pollution in the soil

36.   Cancer: as a result of direct exposure of body to polluted soil that has a lot of harmful chemicals including benzene, chromium, pesticide, week killing chemicals etc
37.   Brain and Nerve Damage; as a result of exposure to soil that is lead-contaminated
38.   Kidney and Liver Disease: also an outcome of polluted soil that has various infectious chemicals

Health effects of pollution of noise

39.   Efficiency decrease of people living in noisy environment is the major effect of noise pollution
40.   Lack of concentration; people affected by noise polluted fail to concentrate
41.   Fatigue: persistent noise make them tired sooner than normal beings
42.   Abortion; because of the shocks on pregnant woman owing to noise
43.   Blood Pressure; it is caused because of mental disturbance a person gets because of living in noisy environment for quite a long time
44.   Temporary or permanent deafness; it is the most lethal effect of noise pollution and may appear in older age mostly
45.   Anxiety; person in constant noise exposure does not have strong nerves and get worried on smaller problems.
So these are the top 45 diseases caused by pollution. Do you think I exaggerated the situation or rationally portrayed its real impacts? Please share your thoughts in comments section below. Stay safe from effects of pollution.

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