Top 20 tips for holding a seminar on environment protection

seminar on environment protectionSeminar means a formal gathering of a group of people to discuss a topic of public interest and make recommendations for its improvement and further development. If it is a green seminar I mean a seminar on environment protection then a topic related to environment is discussed in it and finally recommendations and suggestions are made to address that topic for its further improvement and better service to public.
For holding a seminar on environment protection you need to carry its objectives from the beginning to the end to reach at a conclusion.

Seminar on environment protection

Here are 20 tips for holding a seminar on environment protection.

1. Select topic

First of all there is need to select the topic. It should not be a generalize topic like “rising level of pollution and how to control it”. It must be specific like “growing menace of pollution in tanner industry and steps to control it immediately”. Its overall subject will surely be environment protection.

2. Finalize basic details

After selecting the topic you need to select a place where you can hold green seminar, also you need to finalize its date and timing with the consultation of all those people who are directly involved in holding a seminar on environment protection.
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3. Divide topic into sub-topics

After that main topic of the seminar on environment protection should be divided further into sub-topics so that various experts can deliver lecture on them and let the people know about its pros and cons. The suggestions made by each speaker are then merged into final recommendations.

4. Booking of venue

The venue of the seminar – if available on fee – needs to be booked well before time to get it on the decided date. Usually an advance payment is made on booking and final payment just before the beginning of the seminar.
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5. Permission

If any permission from administration of the area is required you need to get it well before holding a seminar to avoid any inconvenience on the spot.

6. Selection of speakers

After that experts of various sectors of environment protection are selected to deliver lectures on sub-topic you developed after sub-dividing the main topic. Their names are finalized and then they are invited as speakers of the seminar by conveying them the topic on which they have to speak.
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7. Who will preside over the seminar?

A key person from environment protection sector is selected to preside over the seminar and approve the recommendations made by the speakers to convey these suggestions to environmental authority of the area for implementing them. The person selected to preside over the seminar is formally invited to honor the seminar as president.

8. List of invitees

A list of invitees is developed by deciding how many people are to be invited in the green seminar. They are actually people who have a direct stake in the topic of the seminar. For example if the topic of the seminar is related to industrial pollution control then obviously industrialists are the direct stakeholders. Besides, representatives of pollution control agency, green NGOs, green bloggers and green journalists are also invited.
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9. Agenda of green seminar

After that point to point agenda of the seminar is developed that shows who to speak when with their timings and time duration of each speech to wind up the seminar on time.

10. Printing of invitation

After development of list of invitees and agenda of green seminar an invitation card is printed to invite the people to attend it. Date, place, time, and topic of seminar are written on front of the card while on its backside the whole agenda is printed to tell the invitees each detail.
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11. Mailing of invitation cards

After that invitation cards are mailed to invitees through reliable postal service or by hand if time margin is limited.

12. Publicity on media

An announcement of holding a seminar on environment protection is made on print and electronic media through a press release telling the people about details of the event and who can attend it.
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13. Social media

Similarly the details of the seminar are shared on social media to tell the people about purpose and objectives of the seminar.

14. Confirmation of guests

Before two to three days of holding a seminar on environment protection you have to confirm the participation of guests including invitees, speakers and the one who has to preside over it.

15. Printing of promotion material

There are several types of promotional material which you have to print for your green seminar. First type is backdrop that is placed on stage to let the audience know about topic and other details of seminar. You also have to put standees at the entrance of the seminar to inform the people about it. Besides a promotional kit including folder, notebook and pen with name of your event printed on each of it is also prepared for each participant of the event. You need to get all promotional matter printed well before time.
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16. Conducting the green seminar

For this purpose you need to select an anchor on fee or fee depending upon his or her caliber and standing in the market. If one is available within your company it is fine. The anchor should make a prior rehearsal to run the agenda of the seminar point by point with the consultation of the organizers of the event.

17. Report writing of proceeding

A person good in English writing is assigned to write the entire proceeding of the green seminar to eventually develop its report to send it to all the concerned organizations and people to highlight your activity.

18. Press coverage

In your list of invitees list of media is also included. You need to set separate press gallery in the event to make journalists comfortably cover it. However, you also need to develop press release just after the seminar and send it to all media both electronic and print with photographs and video clips.
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19. Concluding part

The concluding part of this activity is to compile the recommendations of the green seminar to pass them on to environmental authorities to take action on them.

20. Follow-up

If concerned authorities don’t take action on your recommendation or make any delay in doing so then you need to make follow-up and convince them to play their part to address an important issue of environment.

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