Top 10 holy tips to go green in Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims of the whole world. They keep fasting in this whole month and don’t eat anything nor drink water or any other liquid from dawn to dusk.
Not only that but they are strictly forbidden to commit any type of sin more particularly when they are fasting.
They keep their fast at early morning before the sun rises with nutritious food and break their fast at the time of sunset with lot of delicious eatable items. Between this time period they worship more and more.
In religion of Islam there is much stress on cleanliness of self, home, surrounding and everything else. The pioneers of Islam were clean in their sole and deeds. That is why their successors still remember them and try to be like them.
Therefore, it is necessary to tell Muslims they can easily go green in Ramadan and reflect the spirit of cleanliness and purity that is the basic teaching of their religion.

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10 tips to go green in Ramada

So here are 10 tips to go green in Ramadan and become a helpful Muslim for Mother Nature.

1. No food wastage

tips to go green in RamadanWhile keeping and breaking the fast Muslims arrange a lot of delicious food. They can cook just as much as they really need.  In this way they can save the food resources from wastage. This tip should be on top of the 10 tips to go green in Ramadan.

2. Best use of food leftover

They cook a large amount of food during Ramadan for keeping and breaking the fast. Whatever food is left after eating they can dole it out to needy people and don’t throw it as garbage to help reduce garbage pollution
. This is another most vital one in the tips to go green in Ramadan.

3. Composting of fruit rubbish

In most parts of the world Muslims break their fast with fruits. So they can use the rubbish of fruits for composting. Under this method fruit’s peelings and other pulpy leftover is buried in soil for some days and after that it is converted into organic fertilizer for harmless farming.

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4. Zakat

Every year on the occasion of Ramadan Muslims pay 2.5% of their saved money as dole-out. It is compulsory religious obligation in Islam. They can pay it to any charity organization that allocates a part of this amount for environmental care that is highly recommended in their religion.

5. Fitra

Muslims celebrate Eid after completion of one month of fasting. On this occasion they celebrate the completion of Ramadan with feasts and by wearing new clothes.
Before Eid they have to pay another little charity equal to the amount of 2 kilogram current rates of flour on behalf of each family member. They can give this to any green charity or to any organization that apart from social welfare also works for green welfare.

6. Plantation, the unending virtue

In Islam planting a tree is an unending virtue and its planter is rewarded blessings as long as the tree keeps providing shadow and fruits. So on first of Ramadan they can welcome their holy month by planting a sapling in the courtyard of their home or outside of their home.

7. Charity begins at home

Apart from Zakat and Fitra, Muslims try to give as much charity as they can during the month of Ramadan. They can allocate an amount of charity for the cleanliness and beautification of their street and residential area to let people know cleanliness loving people reside here.

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8. Water conservation

For prayers and worship Muslims do ablution (wadu) to be pure before appearing in front of God. In Ramadan they do this practice for several times in the day. They can use minimum water for this holy practice and can save a lot of water.

9. Ruse of ablution water

They can also reuse the water ablution (wadu) for tree plantation or washing of floor because it is not much dirty after its first use.

10. Solar lights in Mosque

The spirit of charity and mutual help remains high during Ramadan. So the followers of Islam instead of serving one-off need of any deserving person can donate solar lights to their nearby mosque to bring it on usage of green energy.
So these are the top 10 holy tips to go green in Ramadan and earn as much virtues as possible. Such little green steps during every religious and cultural festival and memorable occasions can contribute a lot to make our world free from all types of pollution.
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