How she made her boyfriend quit smoking forever? A True Story

how to quit smokingShe is still my friend (not girlfriend). The way she made her boyfriend quit smoking forever is amazing. When she revealed her plan to me I could not have controlled my huge laughter. I was just laughing loudly as if she told me a joke of the millennium. But after a few months when her boyfriend refused an offer of cigarette in a party that was unbelieving for me. But eventually I had to believe when on several occasions he refused to smoke.

Her strategy to make him quit smoking

This she made with her love and care. It sounds so simple when we talk about using the feelings of love and care to make your loved ones quit any type of bad habit. But here we do a big mistake. We don’t make our loved ones believe how much loving and caring we are for them and just try to dictate them a list of dos and dons. Showing your love with words is damned easy but proving it with your action is hell of a task. My friend first proved how much loving and caring she is to her boyfriend and then made him quit smoking forever.

I love your habit of smoking

This was the first message she communicated to her boyfriend. Not through words but through her actions. She made him buy a very stylish cigarette case. She also presented him a very costly lighter to make him feel she loves his habit of smoking. She also shifted her cigarette brand from low-cost to costlier one just want him smoke with a style to let others know how rich he is. This was the trick she played with him to made him quit smoking forever.

Smoking is not very much injurious to health

She never told her how injurious smoking is to his health. Nor she tried to make him see any campaign against smoking. She just made him believe she never mind his habit of smoking. Meanwhile she supports him from all aspects to keep smoking and enjoy his life.

Real cause of smoking

Being so closer to him she got to know his real cause of smoking. She learnt that he used to smoke whenever he was in stress. So he tried to find out the causes of his stress. She tried to offset them with her love and care. She managed his several things by herself. She never made him feel she is doing any blessings for him. Just in fun she kept cooperating with him and made his life easier with her devotion and care.

Less smoking

Eventually he smoked lesser cigarettes in a day than before. He also realized this fact. During this period he fully believed in her sincerity, love and care for him. That is why he believed in whatever she said. Then she exploited this honored position and told him the real cause of his smoking is not fun, style of habit but the stress in his life that is reducing now gradually. So both of them tried to managed their life and succeed in their attempt. Now both are husband and wife with two kids and no one in their family even think about smoking.

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