How to organize a tableau show to raise environmental awareness?

tableau show for environmental awareness
Tableau show is a short-time dramatic performance in which any issue of important nature is highlighted. Various artists perform in it and usually act on a song or poem to convey the message without delivering dialogues. Their dresses, body movements, get-up and makeup play key role to disseminate information on an important issue. A tableau show is generally organized on issues of public interest like on patriotism, family values, green care, lawfulness, social welfare, service to humanity etc.
Nowadays various art forms are used to raise environmental awareness of general public. Earlier only print material was the main source to do this job and after that electronic media took the lead in this field. However, after vast innovation in channels of information dissemination especially after the advent of internet now every medium is massively used to invite people’s attention towards environmental issues that need urgent attention.

Idea, the first step to raise environmental awareness

To organize a tableau show to raise environmental awareness the first step is idea. Impact can never be made if idea is not great. In tableau show only idea can make the overall performance impressive. So first of all an idea must be explored and then it should be fine-tuned to make it presentable.

Script, the second step

Idea is implemented with its detailed narration and it is called story of the tableau. It defines the story, the message and all the characters that have to communicate that message to the target audience. Its length is usually not of more than ten minutes because all is to be communicated in shortest possible time without any ambiguity.


In screenplay every action is well-defined including who is to do what and how. How each character will move and what expression he has to show on his face and how would be his or her body language. All these details are mentioned in the screen play. How will be the set design on the stage to support the performance of the characters? That is also mentioned in the screenplay including the type and form of music to make the show more effective.


After that artists are selected to act for various characters in the tableau show to raise environmental awareness. The organizer of director of the tableau show select the artist either from showbiz, theatre or amateur artists depending upon the availability of the budget to pay their fee.


The last step is to perform the tableau show to raise environmental awareness. It is usually done in a theatrical hall or any other auditorium and a group of target audience is invited to watch the show and receive the message on environmental awareness. This is the job of event managers to arrange the hall and invite the target audience while tableau show organizers design the stage according to the requirement of tableau show and perform it.
So these are the steps to organize a tableau show to raise environmental awareness. It is getting much popular in educational institutions because children promptly receive a green message if it is communicated with any popular art form.

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