Top 100 pollution control tips for you

Nowadays everybody shifts the blame of polluting on others. Everyone claims that it is not his responsibility. Some people just curse the polluters while some other point finger at government. Very few accept their responsibility for any type of green cause.
That is why I assembled here 100 pollution control tips which we can follow at our own level without any help of any institution or government. We just need to follow them gradually without taking any stress. We can also promote them as much as possible to let others know about it.

Environmental Pollution Control tips

1. Review your every act to see if it is polluting
2. Promptly rectify your every act of polluting directly or indirectly
3. Always treat cigarette your number one enemy
4. Always own your surrounding environment as your personal property
5. Never miss chance to build opinion against pollution
100 pollution control tips6. Put pollution in your hate list permanently
7. Never give up in your efforts against pollution
8. Keep lobbying against pollution
9. Don’t be afraid to point out act of polluting
10. Don’t delay to make complain against polluter
11. Don’t avoid keeping eye on performance of your pollution control agency
12. Always bring to the notice of your local rep the environmental issues of your area
13. Write in letters to editor of your local newspaper highlighting pollution problems of your area

Drinking water pollution control tips

14. Complain against industries that release their waste-water directly into any water body
15. Make protest if civic agencies release civic waste-water directly into a canal or lake
16. Keep asking your local government to make full arrangements for treatment of civic and industrial waste-water before its release into the water bodies
17. Never let the culture of mineral water consumption promotes in society; instead ask civic authorities for pollution-free water supply
18. Never throw garbage into sewerage drains or any water body
19. Always boil water-supply water before using it for drinking purpose
20 Follow authenticated expert advice to clean your water before drinking

Freshwater pollution control tips

21. Treat water bodies as your personal belonging
22. Picnickers never throw any stuff into the water body while swimming in it
23. If any water body gets polluted, point out polluter in media and complain to local government
24. Always throw garbage in dustbin and never let it litter around to eventually fall into water bodies

Marine pollution control tips

25. Provide information of polluting industries of coastal area to media to highlight their crime
26. Make complain of polluting industries of coastal areas to pollution control agency
27. Join any green forum to raise voice against practice of dumping of industrial waste and effluent into the sea
28. Keep your beaches clean to never let any garbage flow into the sea
29. Ask beach management authorities to put maximum dustbins on beach
30. Ask local NGOs to put awareness messages on beaches to keep them clean
31. Whenever you go to beach do its cleaning as much as possible
32. Motivate others to join you in beach cleaning
33. Ask port authorities to make their rules strict for ship maintenance to avoid oil spills into the sea
34. Join campaign to plant mangroves on coastal belt that reduces marine pollution

Industrial pollution control tips

35. Promote the concept of health, safety and environment at workplace
36. Motivate youth to take environmental management as subject and become future environmental managers
37. Visit institutions that offer environmental management courses and inform about them to your friends and family
38. Join every cause that promotes industrial pollution control
39. Try to learn basics of your local laws about industrial pollution control and make others aware of them

Noise pollution control tips

40. Put headphones near your PC/laptops and always listen music with them
41. Never use pressure horn in your vehicle
42. Do masonry work in the day
43. Always listen music in party in low tone
44. Develop habit of talking slowly

Vehicular pollution control tips

45. Keep engine of your vehicle in good condition
46. Regularly do tune-up of your vehicle
47. Get green check-up of your vehicle at least once in six months
48. Try to use public transport as much as possible
49. Make family bonding stronger and try to commute together in one vehicle

Solid waste pollution control tips

50. Always use everything as much as you can to generate less garbage
51. Try to reuse things to their maximum possible level
52. Don’t follow fake status symbol to discard things before their service is expired
53. Always sell non-perishable and non-dissoluble items to any recycling company
54. Make maximum use of clothes after they get out of fashion like using them as floor cleaner
55. Instead of throwing away valuable things donate them to charities for their reuse by poor
56. Always throw garbage of your home at designated places
57. Make Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the civic rule of your life

Hospital waste pollution control tips

58. Ask your doctor to discard syringe after he applies it on you
59. Become customer of those hospitals that follow hospital waste management guidelines
60. Ask management of community hospital to dispose off their infectious waste according to environmental requirements
61. Protest against hospitals which throw away infectious waste like solid waste
62. Buy medicines of green companies always

Plastic pollution control tips

63. Never use plastic bags
64. Never shop from those outlets that offer products in plastic bags
65. Keep a cloth bag always with you to put the purchased items in it
66. Get to know about biodegradable plastic bags and buy them as best alternate
67. Wherever you see a plastic bag littering around just catch it and tie it to make it weighty and become solid waste

pollution control tipsIndoor pollution control tips

68. Try to put exhaust in your kitchen with wind direction
69. Let the wind pressure comes into your kitchen through a window
70. Try to put exhaust in your kitchen that opens outside home
71. Don’t cook recipes that make extraordinary smoke like barbecue or sizzler
72. Try pollution-free appliances to cook food
73. Cook food once for the whole day

Tips to get green laws implemented

74. Get basic know-how of green laws of your country
75. Never waste time to complain against violator of green laws
76. Ask green NGOs to help you stop act of polluting in your area
77. Be in contact with pollution control agency and seek its help for all types of pollution control
78. Whenever you elect your local representative you must check if green agenda is in his manifesto

Networking for pollution control

79. Make a green page on Facebook and ask people join it more and more to put pressure on polluters
80. Always tweet important green news of your area on Twitter to let others know you are woke-up
81. Upload photos showing environmental violations of your area on all your social media account
82. Make full cooperation with green journalists to make them point out act of polluting
83. Remain in active contact with green NGOs of your area to inform them about any environmental violation
84. Fully cooperate with surveyors who want to get green data of your area
85. Write a guest post in a green blog to highlight pollution problem of you area

Tips for going green

86. Don’t feel going green as burden and do it keenly
87. Promote going green culture in your religious festivals
88. Make your kids familiar of green issues
89. Promote habit of going green in your kids from their early age
90. Never skip green stuff publishes in newspaper and read them carefully
91. Keep discussing about green issues with your friends and colleagues
92. Whatever you do for the cause of environment publicize it to motivate others to follow you
93. Celebrate days of environmental significance in your area
94. Keep planting tree and ask others to do so
95. Never shift the blame of polluting on others and play your role as much as you can
96. Keep reading this blog and re-share it on social media to let others read it
97. Become regular subscriber of this blog by submitting your email or by liking its Facebook page to get regular updates on pollution control
98. Share your views on this blog in comments section below to improve it more for the cause of pollution control on self-help basis
99. Re-share this post to as many people as possible
100. Keep smiling and protecting your environment from all types of hazards
So these are the 100 pollution control tips for you, me and all or we can say for general public. To follow them you need not any authority or power. You just make an effort to contribute for the mitigation of environmental pollution in your area.

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