How to stay safe from harms of pollution for a longer life?

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All types of pollution are equally harmful. Most of them cause several serious and lethal diseases. Millions of people die all over the world because of one form of pollution or the other. Their count is rising. Obviously it has to because pollution level is also on upward track owing to absence of its extensive control. Major part of the pollution could be controlled at regulatory level with the enforcement of green laws and promotion of eco-friendly way of living. But at government level efforts are not bringing desired results because of weaker enforcement mechanism of green laws or meddling of polluters at decision-making level. This dismal state of affairs is going on in almost all countries of the world.

Higher the pollution, shorter the life

Did you ever notice that now people die quite earlier than their forefathers. Now people hardly survive above the age of 60. In older times surviving till the age of 80 was quite common. By and by the limit of average surviving age dropped to 60. It is feared it will go down further in future. No doubt pollution is not the only reason of lesser surviving age but it is obviously a main reason. Several studies have confirmed this thought that because of rising level of pollution the limit of life expectancy is lowering down gradually and it will go down further in days to come. The main step to increase the life expectancy is to control pollution and simultaneously take individual and collective steps to stay safe from its harms.

What to do to stay safe from harms of pollution?

If pollution control efforts at regulatory level are not bringing success then what an individual should do to stay safe from the harms of pollution?  For this purpose the only way is to take efforts at individual level and take every precautionary measure to be safe from the effects of pollution. We should play our role for the control of pollution at individual level because in this way we will face less pollution and its harms. But instantly we must take all steps to stay safe from harms of pollution.

No lengthy package

Instead of following a lengthy list of dos and dons it is better to take one major precautionary measure to stay safe from the harms of pollution of every main type.
  • To be safe from the negative effects of water pollution we must avoid consuming polluted water as much as we can. For this purpose we must boil water before drinking it or make it purified with any high quality water purifier or with the use of any anti-pollutant medicine.
  • To avoid harms of air pollution whenever we come out from home we must check the air quality with the help of media or internet and then use breathing mask if there is a high amount of pollution in the air on that day.
  • To be safe from garbage pollution first we never let the garbage litter and put it into designated place and remain in active contact with garbage collection service or civic agency to ask them take the garbage regularly without any fail.
Apart from above three major steps there are many other small steps to be safe from the harms of pollution. But the above three steps play a major role to keep us safe from main negative effects of pollution. The only need is to fully follow these three tips and make our life longer.

Detailed tips

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