Sorry my child I can’t buy you plastic toys

Earlier he never ignored any desire of his kids.

Sometimes he simply thought to defer their demand awhile.

But their mother stopped him deferring. She advised him to put off any other expense and buy them whatever plaything they want.

You might be thinking; “so what if any parent fulfills a desire of their kids”.

Obviously they have to do because it is their parental responsibility.

You also have the right to think why I am telling this to you.

This story has a lesson for every parent.

You are not bound to buy whatever your kids demand.

Yep this is the end of the story. I am telling you at the beginning. But how it dawned upon them? You need to read this post to the end.

In this story parents of the kids also followed the same rule.

Never buy your kids every plaything they demand.

harms of plastic toysIt was late evening. Their father did just came back home from office. He was empty-handed. Both the kids were shocked to see him (or his empty hands).

Kids were shocked when their dad flatly refused to buy them plastic toys.

He once again said; “no my kids I will not buy you plastic toys either that are cheap or costly”.

On her mother’s several times asking, his answer was enough to surprise all including you and me.

“I will not buy them plastic toys because I love them so much. I can never imagine harming them even in affection”. This was his straight answer. That is obviously sufficient to confuse us.

Yes you are thinking right. It was a reply devoid of parental care. No it was apparently devoid of parental care. Otherwise it was full of fatherly love. He was fully aware what plastic toys contain mostly.

Plastic toys have harmful pollutants

Most of the plastic toys have various types of harmful pollutants.  Yes most of the toys. Especially those found in less developed countries. Or those that have no higher price tags.

There is a dangerous vinyl in most of the medium and low quality toys made of plastic. It is called Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Plastic toys having this substance are the deadliest weapons to harm the health of your kids.

So who will buy this type of toys for their kids? Obviously no one! But very few of us know this negative aspect of this kind of toys. If all were aware of this fact there would have been no huge market of such toys all across the globe.

According to conservative estimates, total toy sales volume all around the world has touched $90 billion last year. Every year its total sale is rising by nearly $5 billion and till 2015 it will hit $100 billion mark. It means billions of dollars are being invested every year to harm our kids. How organized and monetized this campaign is? It is against your kids, mine kids. But what we are doing. Are we raising voice against it? We can’t, unless we are fully aware of its negative effects.

Health effects of plastic toys

This is a serious environmental issue. Plastic toys having PVC hugely affect the health of your kids. What happens if our kids keep playing with such low quality toys of plastic? They will may from any of the following diseases.

  • Skin cancer
  • Liver and kidney disease risks
  • Baby girls may develop breasts prematurely

Which pollutants are in plastic toys?

PVC pollutant is mostly found in bathtub knickknacks, squeeze toys, or vinyl dolls. To make the plastic plaything flexible manufacturers mix the PVC chloride with another deadly pollutant that is called phthalate. Their blending makes the toy more flexible and it seems of high quality though it becomes more lethal. Status conscious parents proudly buy their kids these toys of plastic of high quality. Actually such toys are enemies of the health of their kids.

Toys run by battery are also harmful for environment

Many people buy battery toys that are also made of plastic. But their battery is another hazard for environment. After end of its life it is treated as garbage. It creates soil pollution because of its harmful effects.

health impacts of plastic toysWhy kids are more vulnerable to plastic toys?

Its answer is so simple. Kids are usually susceptible to any disease more than grown-up people because they have weaker immune system. Direct contact of these pollutant containing playthings affect their health more adversely and instantly. Secondly kids of little age take everything in their mouth and hence become more vulnerable to harms of plastic toys.

Reasons of high demand of plastic toys

  • Its raw material is derived from plastic scrap that is so cheap. So, manufacturing cost of such toys is not so high.
  • Toys made of plastic are easily available. In cities, life is so fast and parents don’t have time to be choosy for buying toys for their kids so they buy whatever they find easily.
  • Price of such toys is reasonable and within the reach of parents of all income groups
  • Toys made by flexible plastic last longer that is why parents prefer to buy them for their kids
  • People are unaware of the their harmful effects
  • Status conscious parents want to buy high quality toys of plastic regardless of their harms because of their lack of awareness

What is its solution?

Technically you cannot check if a plastic toy has harmful pollutants or not. But following steps can work to make you avoid buying them.

  • Never buy flexible toys
  • If you don’t have option go for bigger toys which your kids can’t take in mouth
  • Try clothing and wooden toys without any paint or varnish
  • If you still want to buy plastic toys check their manufacturer and see if it’s environmentally certified product
  • You can check quality of branded toys online by visiting the website of manufacturer
  • The best solution is to reduce use of toys and shift the older ones to your new babies.

How to control sale of harmful plastic toys at regulatory level?

  • Government needs to make strict laws to check manufacture and sale of plastic toys that has any type of pollutants.
  • People should be made aware of harms of polluting toys
  • Government should promote industry that offer best and safe substitutes of harmful plastic toys
  • Government should provide more and more recreational facilities for kids to engage them in healthy activities
  • Communities should also let each other know about harms of plastic toys
  • Teachers should also be made aware of harms of this type of toys
  • Kindergarten (KG) Schools should be bound not to use any type of toys that have harmful pollutants

Should we completely avoid plastic toys?

It is fine to avoid them. But it is not must. You have several green options. Green living is the most rational way of living. By adopting it you neither harm environment nor yourself. Smart parents always adopt green living. They love their kids rationally. That is why they go green smartly. In case of plastic toys there is a green solution. If your kids keep insisting for plastic toys, don’t worry. You need not to give them a green sermon. You have a choice of buying them organic toys. You can pick an organic toy from this List of organic toys

Moral of the story

Now come to the story. Do you think father of the kids was right on not buying plastic toys for his kids? He can be called one of the caring fathers of this world who equally has awareness on green issues. So we should keep sharing such stories with each other to save all from harms of pollution. A little care can save us from lot of pollution problems.

Do you have a green story?

I would love to hear from you a green story. We should keep sharing with each other our experiences for environmental care. I am looking forward to your comments below. Blessings and green peace on you and your kids.

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