20 stupid ideas that stop you from going green

How do you feel when someone asks you for going green? Do you just take it as rhetoric? Do you think it’s a bookish idea? Or you just listen to him, nod your head and change the topic. If you do this, you are not wrong. Most of the people behave in same fashion.

They are not wrong. They are right. They are right because of the several misconceptions attached to going green. Very few people go green in every way of their life. That is why people don’t have practical example of the benefits of sustainable living. They just read and hear the ocean of benefits of adopting an eco-friendly way of living. But they don’t look it practically around them. That is why they take it as a bookish idea. They take it as an idea just to discuss and show off how green they are?

Why people avoid going green?

So let’s see what are the misconceptions that stop you from going green.

1. It’s not a normal way of living

going greenYou have to completely shuffle your way of life. This is the first thought comes into your mind if someone asks you to go green. People think they have to take care in every moment of their life. They just have to measure their every step in life if it is green or not. This is absolutely wrong. This is ignorantly wrong. You don’t need a big scheme of things for going green. Just a little care is enough to check if you are not harming your surrounding environment.

You smoke and harm the health of others around you. You litter and increase garbage pollution. You do many things without any plan and that harm your surrounding environment.

So don’t smoke or at least try to smoke alone. Throw garbage in dustbin. Eat as much as you can and never waste the food.

So do you need a lengthy tutorial for going green?

Tell me very frankly in comments at the bottom of this post.

2. Going green takes time

It’s a very ridiculous idea.

Not a single extra minute is required to go green.

To avoid littering, do you need extra time to put the garbage into dustbin.

Do you need more time to enjoy music in low tones and avoid creating noise pollution?

If you regularly maintain engine of your car to avoid generating emissions do you need extra minutes? You otherwise regularly go to mechanic workshop for the necessary maintenance of your car.

If you put water into your glass as much as you drink do you need extra time?

So still you think it needs extra time to go green. I would love to hear your comments at the end of this post.

3. It makes life slower

Who sprints to spend his life?

Going green means use of public transport to go to office.

It means to avoid using personal car unnecessarily.

Who asks you to travel by feet?

A will is required to save the resources and avoid creating every type of pollution.

This is not a matter of speed.

It is a matter of care.

How careful are you? I want to know.

So let me know by just throwing your opinion in comments section below this post.

4. It makes me stranger

After going green you will not change.

Your face will not change.

Your appearance will not change.

Your lifestyle will not change.

You need not to wear a dress made by leaves.

Nor you need to follow nudism to adopt green living.

Eating less meat and more vegetables is going green. Conserving water is going green. Do you look differently while doing this?

Very funny!

Are you going to change just now? Absolutely not you are just going green from now.

Share your will with all the readers of this blog in comments section below.

5. It makes me spend more money

It’s right, but in a sense it’s other way round. It makes you save more money.

If you travel in public transport, you will save fuel expenses of your personal car.

If you use solar energy, you will reduce your electricity bill. Solar energy is cheaper than the conventional energy.

By going green you avoid wasting food. You avoid wasting water.

So how do you say it makes you spend more money?

How lucky you are that you got this point reading this post.

Don’t thank me just share your views with me in comments section below. Reading your views is more than big thanks for me. Right?

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6. It makes me extra cautious

No not all.

You need not to be Mr. Careful type of person.

You need not to be so meticulous.

It is not like waging a war if you really want to go green.

Just a little care, just a little change in your way of living is enough.

7. It makes people laugh at me

Those who want to laugh will laugh whatever way you live your life.

People generally never miss a chance to laugh at others.

But they are the people who don’t have anything to do.

They are idlers.

They themselves are burden on this earth.

By the way which way of your going green will make others laugh?

If you conserve water then they will laugh?

Or they will make fun of yours if you use public transport.

Majority of commuters use public transport all over the world. But most of them do this because they can’t afford personal car. You will use public transport for going green. So hats off to you. It’s not a silly act to laugh. Believe me.

8. It is not practical

Whatever we can do is practical way of living.

Can’t you plant a tree? Is it not practical?

Can’t you use organic washing powder to clean your clothes? Is it not available in the market?

So this is another stupid idea that stops you from going green and nothing else.

9. It is not viable

Who says this?

Many people don’t understand the real meaning of going green. They take it as to be an environmentalist for adopting a sustainable way of living.

Actually not even a little extra effort is required to love your environment.

Just a little care is enough to care your environment and adopt green living.

10. Why only me

This is the lame excuse mostly comes into mind before doing any good deed.

This is the most fascinating shield to avoid doing well.

Don’t worry; its solution is very simple.

Forget about all and think yourself as the first person who is going green.

As soon as you adopt this way of living you will see hundreds and hundreds of people trying to go green around you.

People who follow safe way of living are not aliens from another planet.

They are people like you and me. They don’t have different appearance. They don’t wear green dress all the time. They just do care for environment. For going green you need not to make any miracle.

11. It’s so difficult to adopt

It is not a work of engineering. You don’t have to keep a gadget to check are you going green properly. So it is wrong to say it is difficult to adopt a way of green living.

Not single mechanical work you need to do for this purpose. On the contrary you get rid of several mechanical chores after you adopt this way of living.

12. I need to be an expert

A simple list of steps for going green is sufficient to be environment friendly. No any separate course you need to do. Nor you need to do any tutorial for that.

stupid ideas going green 113. I need to read tips daily

It’s not like struggling for a hi-fi cause. You are not going to be part of a political campaign. Just small actions will bring a big result. This is the only way of living where you don’t have to quit anything. Nor you have to adopt any extra thing. Just little changes in your lifestyle and that’s all.

14. Going green is for older people

It doesn’t depend upon your age. It neither needs active way of living nor the experience way of spending life. It’s simply a matter of your will.

If you really want, no one can stop you from going green.

15. It teaches to hate technology

It’s incorrect. Actually it teaches to use technology with care.

It calls for using machines to fulfill your needs.

It forbids relying on machine unnecessarily.

It makes you smart user of machines.

It teaches to fully exploit machines keeping full view of your safety.

It asks to enjoy music with headphone or in low tones.

It asks to buy a grinder that makes lesser noise.

16. It is against comfort

You don’t have to climb on mountains for going green.

Nor you need to keep walking to avoid fuel emitting transport.

It just asks you to adopt all such measures that reduce emissions.

It advises to spend life least harming the environment.

It does not demand to altogether quit everything that my harm the environment. It allows to least hit the environment if an action you have to do at any cost.

17. It is out-of-date way of living

It is not out-of-date but the oldest style of spending life. In older times how was the health of the people. How strong they were. Old is gold, right?

So you are going green and following a golden way of living. Let me know in comments part of this post.

18. It wants you to be romantic

Romanticism means very idealistic approach. So do you think it wants you to be romantic? No not at all. Going green pertains to daily life. It is not found in fairy tales. It relates to practical life. It offers you tips for your daily life.

How to eat, how to drink and how to travel? These are the matters related to going green. Do you still think it is romanticism? Fine just tell me how romantic you are but keep going green as well.

19. It develops undue softness in attitude

It makes you responsible. Do you think a responsible person is soft by nature? So what if someone is soft by nature. There is no sin to behave softly. To live softly and talk softly is good way of living. What’s wrong with it?

20. It makes people poetic

If it means upholding aesthetics, it is good. If it means going green makes people impractical, it is absolutely wrong.

It does not ask you to stop doing anything. It simply asks you to do everything with care.

It asks you to act fully taking care of environment.

It asks you to quit the habits that harm you.

It also asks you to stick to the habits that are must to continue your living.

Now you tell me

Did you observe how many times I requested in this post to share your comments? I wrote this just to hear from you. How did you think about going green before reading this post? Now how do you think after reading this post? Just tell me very frankly.

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