Top 100 ways for sexy green living

You need not to change anything in your way of living for a sexy green living. It is a misconception that environment friendly lifestyle needs a lot of sacrifices. It is extremely wrong. It just needs a little extra care.

You don’t have to spend a dime for a green living. On the contrary you can save a lot of money by adopt this way of spending your life that is quite friendly to nature. Just give a little extra care and save a lot of money in return. Is it not a smart deal?

You need not to follow these 100 ways at once for adopting a green living. Just read them once and pick one by one to make your life greener, happier and prosperous.

So just spare some moments and once completely read this post of above 3000 words. After that you just need to pick them one by one and that’s all. Isn’t it so easy? At the end of this post you can also download the copy of this post in PDF to off and on read it till you complete adopt a green living.

green livingConsumption and general habits for green living

  1. Consume things as much as you want. Neither more nor less. Make it your habit to do sustainable consumption in your whole life. It is the foundation of your green living. Right?
  2. Get clear estimate of amount of your carbon emissions. It include the emissions from the vehicle you use, from cooking the food that is cooked for you and all the products you use that need burning of fossil fuel. You need to keep that amount always in your mind while consuming things and services.
  3. Regularly visit this blog. At least thrice a week to see updates on it. Apply the tips mentioned in its contents to your daily life. Please don’t take it as a promotional tip for green living.
  4. Forget about paper editions of newspapers, magazines, books etc. Get their electronic copies (e-edition) if available. While reading their electronic editions never over-use your laptop or tablet by consuming more energy
  5. Are you fond of reading paper edition newspaper? It’s fine. But do it on one condition. Either you should give it to others to let them avoid buying another copy or sell the newspaper stuff to any recycling company.
  6. Never leave your TV or Radio switched on if you move a short time. Just finish watching TV or listening Radio then move to the next activity.
  7. Strictly follow the rule of one TV in one home. Keep your TV set it in common lounge or any open area to make all family members easily watch it together.
  8. Calculate how much civic waste you generate each month. Try to reduce 100 grams each month to eventually cut 1200 grams or 1.2 kg in one year and so on.
  9. Eat as much as you can. Put food into your plate as much as you can eat. Make it your habit to buy fresh ingredients daily. If buy packet food in bulk it will add waste generation
  10. Never quit traditional food just to eat the fast food. Latter generates more waste because most of it is offered in packaging
  11. While eating meat you just imagine the animal which was slaughtered for your food. Think about its moving, growling and other funny moves. Also think about its kids to create feeling of sympathy for it. Avoid eating meat and resort to veggie food. More meat consumption means more consumption of natural resources for the animals to be slaughtered for us.
  12. Try various delicious vegetarian foods. It will never let you miss your favorite non-veg food.
  13. Never forget to ask the way of farming while buying green food stuff from the market. Try to buy that stuff which is grown with organic farming. It is environment friendly and never hits soil conditions.
  14. Go to those types of restaurants which use organically grown food stuff like vegetables and fruits. You can confirm it from the hotel staff before placing your order.
  15. Enjoy seafood but in moderate quantity. If demand of seafood grows there may be over-fishing. It could reduce the marine biodiversity because fishermen will resort to catch not fully grown fish.
  16. Fully enjoy dining out but keep it under control for green living. Dine out only on special occasions because food waste is generated more in restaurants as compare to homes.
  17. Never forget to order packing of the food you leave in restaurant. Bring it home to refrigerate and consume it on any other occasion
  18. Always order the waiter to pack your leftover food in a biodegradable bag. Your act will reflect your way of green living.
  19. It is better to keep a cloth or jute bag with you if you go in your personal vehicle for dining out. You can bring the packed leftover stuff with you in your own green bag
  20. Never use any kind of plastic or paper dine-ware. Insist for steel, glass or of any other reusable stuff.
  21. If a little amount of some food is left while you dine out in hotel, try to finish it there to avoid extra packing for small stuff.
  22. Always shop in reusable or biodegradable plastic bags if you don’t have cloth or paper bag.
  23. If there is legislation in your country banning plastic bag; you need to follow it and play your role for its enforcement. If there is no any such law in your country, raise voice for it urgently for green living.

    Energy conservation for green living

  24. Build or make your home as much open to sunlight as possible. So you can avoid using energy to lighten your home in day time.
  25. Make construction of your home to get maximum wind pressure and need not air conditioner.
  26. Put huge distance between your floor and roof to get minimum heat of sun inside your home. So you need not to switch on AC all the time.
  27. Must maintain cross ventilation in every part of your home to be less reliant on electric appliances for air and cooling.
  28. Install energy savers everywhere in your home instead of heavy bulbs or tube lights.
  29. Keep record of your electricity consumption bill. You must try to make a downward graph by reduced consumption of 20 units each month.
  30. If you use more electricity for one month for any reason, offset this extra consumption on second and third months consecutively. So you can remain in target of yearly energy consumption.
  31. Same rule you should apply to gas consumption and regularly check how much gas you use each month. Try to offset one month’s extra consumption by consuming lesser in second month.
  32. Use water heater if you can’t take bath with cold water because of extreme winter.
  33. Learn about solar technology. Use solar electric appliances as much as you can afford to pay. Check if you have time to manage them. Then buy them for their full utilization.
  34. Instead of installing solar electric appliances one by one try to buy one solar panel to cater all your energy needs. Install it on your rooftop or in any open area inside your home. But before taking this decision get the consultancy of any solar expert to implement your plan.
  35. At minimum level you can use solar charge for your laptop, cell phone and mp3 player apart from using a solar calculator
  36. Avoid installing energy savers in pair at one place. If you don’t need much lighting, try to manage things with one energy saver at one place.

    Joint actions for green living

  37. Play your role to make government do maximum legislation for energy conservation and environmental protection. Spread this message through social media and build opinion for this noble cause.
  38. Promote emailing instead of postage mailing to avoid generating paper waste.
  39. Support government for every green cause specially for conserving greenery, parks and forests
  40. Keep your city clean and ask everyone to join you in this cause. Apart from collective steps, do every step to keep your city clean.
  41. Avoid shifting responsibility of green care on government alone. Do your role as much as you can. Also ask others to do so. But never forget to keep forcing government to play its role for green living.
  42. Learn about all acts of polluting taking place in your area. Then write in letter to editor section of your local newspaper demanding action against any type of environmental violation.
  43. Propose to your boss to make your office paperless by computerizing the entire working

    Conserve water with care for green living

  44. Keep an eye on how much water you use for bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning car, mopping floor etc. Check if you can consume less water to reduce your daily consumption. This you should do simply with sincerity of purpose.
  45. Examine how much water you waste because of wear and tear in your water supply lines and tapes. Get them repair to save that part of water which you are wasting unintentionally.
  46. Make it your habit to turn half the tape on. So you will reduce water consumption without sacrificing cleanliness.
  47. Use water fast that means bathe fast, wash hands fast, wash dishes fast etc. So you will consume less water to continue your green living.
  48. Use high quality tapes and shower points that do not drip after being turned off.
  49. If you live in any rainy area make full use of rain water by washing your car with rain water, cleaning floor and washing rooftops to save water.
  50. Use tapes and showers that have low speed of flow to avoid wastage of water.
  51. Used water of bathing and washing hand can be reused for watering the garden and plants.
  52. If you face water shortage in your area, plant those trees that need less water. For this purpose ask social forestry office of your area to let you know less-water-consuming plants

    Love Mother Nature to reflect your green living

  53. Keep planting trees as much as you can in your whole life. Keep motivating others to grow trees in their surroundings and make the air least affected by air pollution.
  54. Promote tree planting culture in your community. Especially in urban communities which always complain of air pollution because of vehicular emissions. But they rarely play their role for its mitigation. Make people realize social forestry is mainly job of communities. They have to play their role to transfer this world less affected by pollution to their coming generations.
  55. Contact your nearby government level social forestry office and take guidance to grow fruit trees in your areas. Fruit trees offer incentive to communities and they not only happily plant them but take full care of them to make them fully grown. Ultimately they will enjoy their fruits. But don’t plant fruit trees without the advice of plantation expert. Otherwise it could fail to grow. People will be disappointed and will not think about tree plantation again.
  56. Arrange group discussion under the free service of any social forestry expert or by counseling of government social forestry office of your area. It should aim to teach communities how to plant and grow saplings and make them fully grown trees.
  57. Maintain cleanliness of your streets and area and never let civic agency’s sanitary workers to skip the job of cleanliness or do it loosely. Always keep watch at them and make them do their job dutifully. You need to keep motivating them to do their best for the cleanliness of your area.
  58. Involve communities to maintain cleanliness of your residential areas on cultural occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Holi, and Eid etc. Create awareness on cleanliness and motivate others to join you in this noble cause of green living.
  59. If cleanliness workers of the civic agency of your area don’t do their job properly, never shy to make their complaint to their bosses. Make them straight to do their job dutifully. Never be courteous to them if they don’t do their job well.

    Reduce waste generation for a lovely green living

  60. Never use paper towels. Use discarded cloths as rags to clean the floor and walls.
  61. Avoid using bottled water. Buy drinking water in bulk in reusable huge cans to give them back to the seller for new filling.
  62. Motivate kids to present gift that are made of reused things. Also, paste a message on your gift declaring that it is eco-friendly.
  63. Avoid retiring your clothes earlier. Use them as long as you can to put minimum burden of your retired clothes on land. For this purpose you can develop habit of buying long-lasting clothes if that is not objectionable in your culture.
  64. Reuse your retired clothes with your full creativity to use them for other purposes like cleaning your vehicle, floor or huge household items.
  65. Keep renewing your old furniture with new design and textures instead of discarding it and buying the new one
  66. Apply your creativity to reuse your artificial jewelry and accessories to avoid throwing it as garbage
  67. Develop interest to make each type of container reusable at home or office and generate less waste by adopting this tip
  68. Instead of throwing away your old hangers gift them to any dry cleaner of relatively poorer area where no objection is raised if the hangers are quite old
  69. Always use organic products for clothes and dish washing. Only once you have to take effort for their purchase. After that you would be quite familiar with different brands of organic products.
  70. Parents should apply disposable diapers to their infants in parties and especial occasions. Normally they should try to use cloth diapers and keep reusing them.
  71. Avoid frequent use of tissue papers for hand and face cleaning. Promote the culture of keeping washed and ironed handkerchief and change it daily.
  72. Use everything when you really need its use to avoid generating waste unnecessarily
  73. Is it of plastic? This should be your first question while buying anything and avoid buying it if it is made of non-biodegradable plastic.
  74. Instead of discarding your old books, donate them to any charity or sell them to old book seller.

    At office you should equally adopt a green living

  75. Enjoy coffee and tea at office but not in disposable mugs. If there is no system of crockery maintenance just bring your own mug and glass from home and wash them daily.
  76. Use consumable stationery items as less as you can to generate lesser waste.
  77. Never throw used computer accessories and just exchange them with new one. In this way old ones will get recycled and help reduce waste generation.
  78. Always use a cartridge in your computer that can easily be refilled. Never go for the one-off use cartridges.
  79. Always take print out on both sides of the paper if it is not an important document.
  80. If you need to take print out just for review, keep the font size as small as possible to use less papers for more contents.
  81. Take print out where it is must. Otherwise just share it with others through networking or emailing.
  82. Use Skype or any other online video calling and conferencing system to avoid physically visiting other branches or head office. In this way you will save fuel that you otherwise have to use in your conveyance.
  83. For team visit must go collectively instead of all team members individually going to visit in their personal cars.
  84. Introduce less noisy office equipment to make your workplace free from noise pollution.

    On the road remain committed to green living

  85. Never throw anything on road while moving in a car. Keep it with you and put it into a dustbin after getting down from the car.
  86. Move a little earlier to reach your destination on time and avoid speeding that emits more smoke.
  87. Always use green fuel in your vehicle and spare sometime to keep filling it while travelling.
  88. While on a long journey stop at small towns on your way to eat food, snacks. Avoid eating packed food in your vehicle to eventually generate waste of empty food packets.
  89. Keep your vehicle regularly tune-up. Get it fully checked before start of your journey.
  90. Avoid short-cuts to create congestion which may increase vehicular emissions. So always adopt highways for travelling.
  91. For any type of long journey all over the world public transportation is easily available. You just need to get its info and make booking to make your journey comfortable.
  92. Make a limit of distance – half or quarter kilometer – for which you must walk and avoid using vehicle. So you take double benefit of improving your health and avoid adding vehicular emission.
  93. If you live in a sparse area, use bicycle to cover medium distances of one kilometer to go somewhere.
  94. Keep silencer of your vehicle in good condition to make it emit less smoke and noise.

    Keep doing for green living

  95. If you love non-vegetarian food, it’s fine. But try several vegetarian dishes that are tastier than non-veg. Just try once and if you like make them part of your menu.
  96. More the population, higher the pollution because of load of polluting activities by humans. So adopt birth control methods if it is not against your religious beliefs.
  97. Keep planting trees in your area. Someone destroy them or they grow stronger, your job is to just keep planting and taking care of them as much as you can.
  98. Make a go green club in your residential area to convince others adopt green living
  99. Give vote to those candidates in all types of polls who promise for green living
  100. Keep visiting this blog to get new tips on going green and environmental care; for this just subscribe our weekly newsletter or like our Facebook page.

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