Top 5 benefits of China pollution! Let’s laugh together

Ok first let’s laugh together then I will tell you the whole story. It happens! It happens when someone has no escape. It happens when someone has nothing to defend oneself. In a foolish attempt he makes fun of himself.

Post published and deleted

In a same way China Central Television – the country’s state-run major TV channel published an article on its website describing the benefits of China pollution. After huge hue and cry by cyber community it deleted the stupid post. But several Chinese chat and social media sites have preserved its cache.

Joke of the millennium

about China pollutionCyber community of China called it a joke of the millennium if there is any benefit of pollution. In that article five benefits were mentioned. The ghost writer of the article didn’t directly state the benefits of China pollution. But he very smartly replaced the word China pollution with haze that is almost equal to pollution in China.

Fake benefits of China pollution

To enlighten your mood I am reproducing the five damn benefits (fake, fake, fake) of China pollution with their replies. Original article (deleted) is in Chinese which I can’t understand but I got its translation after browsing several sites that covered it in English language.

1. It unifies Chinese people

If people face a problem collectively they stand united to combat it. They forget their mutual differences and first try to defeat their common enemy. That is why Chinese people get united to stay safe from China pollution. They make efforts to stem its rise. They take care of each other. They become caring for each other. They develop sense of cooperation for each other.

Reply: It disperses Chinese people

Pollution does not unify people. It disintegrates them. They suffer from many diseases because of it. Everyone think about himself. Main reason of rise in pollution is the absence of collective action to control it. That is why everyone in society worries about himself. He takes care of himself first. He takes safety measures for himself on priority. Collective thinking flies away. Everyone becomes selfish. So as a community they remain disunited.

2. It makes China more equal

Pollution does not know who is rich and who is poor. Everyone faces its brunt in a same way. That is why rich and poor become equal. They do struggle together to stay safe from its effects.

Reply: It aggravates poverty

Pollution is not a neutral phenomenon. It’s a natural havoc. It does not stand silent. It plays havoc. It affects human beings. It hits animals. It destroys plants. It devastates natural resources. It reduces food production. It cuts gross national product. So unemployment rises. Shutdowns increase. Poor become poorer. Rich become poor. So instead of making people equal it worsens the level of poverty.

3. It raises citizen awareness

Pollution makes people aware on how harmful it is. It makes people know how to control it. It makes people learn safety measure to stay safe from its effects.

Reply: It raises backwardness

Pollution does not knock the door before arriving anywhere. It just arrives and hits everything. The whole circle of life gets disturbed. Every activity goes to its lowest level. Output drops. Activities get slow. People get lazy. Students become dull. So as a whole it raises backwardness. People get far away from awareness.

4. Chinese people are funnier when they are contending with deadly smog

Pollution disturbs the normal life. People remain engage to combat it. They wear safety masks. They remain inside their homes. They avoid going to polluted places. They remain cautious and look so funny.

Reply: Those who can’t control China pollution are the funniest managers

Funny are not victim. Funny are those who fail. Funny are those who fail to save people from harms of pollution. Obviously they are the China pollution control managers. They are the green regulators. They are the rulers of China. They all are the funniest lot who could not control a phenomenon that is not impossible to control.

5. The haze makes Chinese people knowledgeable

Pollution or haze makes people concentrate more. They don’t move outside. They don’t wander here and there. They remain stick to their important tasks. They do more. They learn more. They become more knowledgeable.

Reply: Pollution directly affects the IQ level

It is a well-proved research. Those who live in polluted environment have lower IQ level. They can’t understand fast. They can’t learn fast. So they remain less knowledgeable than those who live in a safe environment.

So what do you think now? Is the article on top 5 benefits of China pollution a joke of the millennium? Do share your views in comments.

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