Is Your Religion Against The Sustainable Living? Maybe Yes!

Most of the people in this world follow a religion. Right?

But they don’t follow a way of sustainable living.

Why this contradiction?

Does it mean no religion believes in green way of living? Let’s examine it.

A huge majority of the people is religious in this world. Quantity of secular people is not so high. Maybe practically most of the people are not true followers of their religion. But belief-wise they do follow a religion. It means religion is the most common factor in most of the people of this world.

Unfortunately a thin minority of people adopts a way of sustainable living. Huge majority is just licking the trends of consumerism, mechanic living and fast pace life.

Almost all the religions of this world vocally order their followers to follow the way of sustainable living. Let’s have a cursory look at the gist of each religious teaching in this regard.

what is sustainable livingIslam and sustainable living

  • In Islam cleanliness is equal to half of fundamental belief
  • Islam asks its followers to adopt a balance way of living
  • It terms planting a tree an unending virtue
  • It strictly forbids wastage of resources
  • It stresses on simple way of living

Christianity and green way of living

  • Christianity equally orders simple way of living
  • It opposes idle way of spending life
  • Christianity never allows any unhealthy activity like drinking, smoking etc
  • Cleanliness of body and soul is the gist of Christianity

Hinduism and green living

  • Hinduism has become other name of vegetarianism
  • It believes in live and let live
  • It asks its followers to adopt a simple way of living
  • It emphasis upon daily bathing for cleanliness
  • It equally stresses for purity of soul and body

Buddhism and going green principle

  • For Buddhism harming living beings is a great sin
  • It also stresses upon simple way of living
  • It equally prohibits wastage of resources
  • For it success is not limited to materialistic success

Judaism and eco-friendly way of living

  • It orders its followers to adopt a simple way of life
  • It never allows its followers to involve in unhealthy activities
  • It asks its followers to stick to organic way of spending life

Communism – not religion but once its following was huge

  • It firmly believes in equality in distribution of resources
  • It asks its followers use everything to its maximum possible limit
  • It never likes lavish way of living
  • It is against luxurious lifestyle

Capitalism – not religion but has a huge following

  • It believes in perfect competition and open merit
  • It stands for quality first
  • It never allows hitting environment at the cost of production
  • It asks for the most rational way of industrial production

about sustainable livingSo where is problem?

So do you think any of the above religion has any kind of unbalanced approach towards environment? Do any of them overlook green living? If not, so where is the problem? It lies in:

Haste in achieving: We make haste to get everything. We want to achieve everything in no time. For this we compromise over sustainable living. We completely ignore what our environment demands. We just spend a fast life with wasting our resources and caring a damn to our environment.

Greed for more: We want to achieve more than we need. With a sense of insecurity we don’t believe in ourselves. We don’t trust in good tomorrow. We think tomorrow will be bleaker than today. So we want to get today more than we need just to keep it for tomorrow. In this frenzy we go almost mad. Our greed never lets us to think about our environment. We forget to take care of nature. We put aside sustainable living and just become a money earning machine.

Most common religious attitude: We ignore religion whenever our interest hurts. It is common all over the world. We follow religion when nothing happens against us. Same rule we apply for sustainable living. We put it aside as if religion has nothing to do with green living. We wrongly presume we have to give up a lot to go green. This we have discussed in another post here.

So it is not religion but our haste and greed that have taken us away from sustainable living. We must review our lifestyle to make it safe for us and for our future. We must not point finger at religion and should examine ourselves where the actual fault lies.

Just begin from today

Are you convinced now that every religion supports sustainable living? I am sure you are fully convinced. So don’t wait and be a true follower of your religion from today.

Not a lengthy list of doing things is required to go green. These are very simple and easy to follow tips. Most important of them are:

  • Never waste energy. It means switch off appliances when you don’t use them
  • Never drive car unnecessarily and prefer to use public transport even if you have a personal car
  • Take a balance diet with a proportionate mix of meat, vegetables and pulses
  • Never waste food and for this try to eat in piecemeal by taking little quantity in your plate
  • Use water as much as you need either for drinking, bathing or cleaning. Never let the water be wasted
  • Follow the rule of reuse, reduce and recycle in every act of your life

So do you need to revolutionize your way of living to follow these tips? Just a sense of alertness is required here. Not a cop-like alertness. Just a little care and that’s all. So let’s enjoy our way of life and be true follower of our religion. Have a blessed living.

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