Top 100 Slogans On Pollution You Can Chant Wherever You Want

People want slogans on pollution to chant them in green processions. They also make placards with them and display in protest against an act of polluting. Educational institutions display them in their buildings to raise environmental awareness. Non-governmental organizations also use them to publicize the green message in communities.

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Earlier our post top 100 slogans on environment got a huge response from all over the world. It proves that environment friendly people want to amplify the environmental message as broadly as possible.

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100 slogans on pollution

slogans on pollution

So here are 100 slogans on pollution. They are quite different from the previous ones. But the main point of all of them is their focus on green living. That is why we hope they will also receive your huge response.

Slogans on pollution in general

1. Say a big No to pollution

2. All types of pollution are equally harmful

3. You can’t feel the pollution unless you hate it

4. Solution of pollution lies in dilution

5. Stop pollution by mitigation

6. Stop pollution or get ready for your elimination

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7. Pollution impacts slowly but lethally

8. Stop pollution before it’s too late

9. Pollution never forgives and must destroy us

10. Pollution means slow poison

11. Fight pollution for your coming generations

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12. Control pollution first, then your anger

13. Always shun pollution

14. Hate pollution, love humanity

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Slogans on pollute

15. Give a big hoot to those who pollute

16. Organize a moot against those who pollute

17. Those who create soot actually pollute

18. Keep under your foot the trust of those who pollute

19. Whoever pollutes is our common enemy

Slogans on polluting

20. An act of polluting means an act of crime

21. Polluting is criminal offence

22. Polluting is cognizable offence by law

23. Stop polluting for your future generations

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24. Stop polluting or start facing legal action

25. Polluting means killing the environment

26. Keep polluting if you are not a living being

27. Stop polluting and start living

Slogans on polluters

28 Polluters are criminals, fix them

29. Unite against all polluters

30. Polluters and dogs should be under control

31. Police must take action against polluters and criminals

32. Keep your kids away from polluters

33. Never trust polluters and backstabbers

Slogans on polluter

34. Polluter is just like a killer

35. No difference between polluter and rapist

36. A polluter can never be anyone’s friend

37. Polluter is enemy of nature

38. Polluter is our common enemy

39. Polluter should not be respected by communities

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40. Make a complaint against polluter and be law-abiding citizen

41. Raise voice against every polluter

42. Point finger at polluter and don’t be afraid

43. Polluter is bull shit

44. Polluter means a person without conscience

45. Dirty polluter! Shame on you

46. You polluter! Don’t you have kids?

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47. Sorry polluter I can’t be your friend

48. A girl must break up if her boyfriend is polluter

49. Hey polluter! Won’t you change yourself?

50. Polluter means plunderer of nature

51. So what if a polluter get sick

slogans on pollutionSlogans on water pollution

52. Water pollution means flow of diseases into your belly

53. Water pollution destroys your bones very slowly

54. Water pollution creates pollution inside your body

55. Water pollution creates stones in your kidney

56. Water pollution is cancerous to your several limbs

57. Poor quality water means decline of your health

58. Never compromise on quality of your drinking water

59. Drink water after boiling it for half an hour

60. Seek advice of expert before subscribing any mineral water service

61. Polluted water is injurious to your health

Slogans on noise pollution

62. Noise pollution is an easy method to be deaf

63. Noise pollution weakens your nerves

64. Undue noise means undue load on your senses

65. Noise pollution must bring irritation in you

66. Always listen music in low tones to avoid noise pollution

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67. Silence is the best medicine for your weak nerves

68. Silence means the absence of noise pollution

69. Do whatever you want to do but never create noise pollution

70. Care for others is the best recipe to create less noise

Slogans on garbage pollution

71. Garbage pollution means everything messy

72. Garbage pollution mars the scenic beauty of your surroundings

73. Garbage pollution is silent killer

74. Garbage pollution brings several fatal diseases

75. Put garbage in a cage

76. Together we can better solve the problem of garbage pollution

77. Put the garbage into a dustbin

78. Hey this dustbin is yours; use it

79. Never use dustbin if you can eat garbage

80. Don’t make your life garbage with garbage pollution

Slogans on land pollution

81. This land is our land; save it from all types of pollution

82. Lover your motherland and don’t pollute it

83. Land pollution is most fatal to your health

84. Land pollution directly hits your health

85. Land pollution means a stubborn curse

Slogans on air pollution

86. Air pollution is the worst enemy of your lungs

87. Air pollution is main cause of lungs cancer

88. Millions of people die every year due to air pollution

89. Stop air pollution if you want clean air to breathe

90. Air pollution lowers IQ level of your kids

91. Air pollution does not know borders so be united against it

92. Air pollution does not need visa to travel across the borders

93. Your vehicle emits death not smoke

94. Factory pollution means no jobs in future

Slogans on marine pollution

95. Stop sea pollution or swallow contaminated sea food

96. River pollution means contaminated crops in next season

97. Never make your sea a dustbin

98. Keep your beaches clean if you love to enjoy your life

99. Love your beaches for a happy outing

100. No fighting, no polluting just be caring to marine environment

So these are 100 slogans on pollution. Almost all of them are designed by keeping in view of overall environmental conditions of this world. Somewhere polluters face the wrath of law. But in many poor countries no one can take action against them.

Overall these 100 slogans on pollution will help you to lift your campaign against environmental degradation. You can use them on all green occasions to invite people think of this important issue.

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