6 Valentine’s Day Ideas To Enjoy More And Save More

Yes I know. This is not a relationship blog. Then why I am giving you here Valentine Day ideas. I just want you to equally enjoy this day by going green.  I don’t know how good or bad I am in having relationship. Nor I have any plan to start a relationship blog in near future. I want to do that because it has direct link with your green living. You can easily go green if you pick your partner with green care. That is why I want to share these tips as Valentine Day ideas to make you feel great.

With whom you should really stay in relationship?

So, what you are thinking. Do you think I am going to write what go green habits your partner should have. Or how much environment friendly your “someone special” should be. I think more important is how much friendly that person is with you. If your love really loves you, nothing will be a problem for you.

Valentine Day Ideas6 Valentine Day Ideas with green aroma

You can go green with your “someone special” by following these Valentine Day ideas.

1. Green romancing

It sounds strange. Right? Every idea first time sounds strange. Once it becomes common it appeals to all. So let’s make it common. Let’s make it popular. How? No rocket science is required. Just simple and easy steps while romancing can make your love affair greener. I am sure the person with whom you are in love or relationship will also never mind. It won’t disturb both of you. So here are five romantic tips on how to do green romancing.

2. Naked Valentine gift

Does it make sense? Is it really one of the ridiculous Valentine Day ideas? It should not be. Actually it means gift without any wrapper or in least of packaging. Usually we first get our gift packed in its original branded box. After that we get it wrapped in a gift pack. After that we put it into a small paper or cloth bag. Oh my God. Three wrappers for one gift! Is it a gift or a holy being? So from now just remember the idea of naked Valentine gift. A present with minimum possible wrappings! Right?

3. Dating walk

Valentine Day IdeasEither of you two have to drive while dating and going for dinner or a party. The other one remains free while sitting beside the driving seat. One has to drive and equally make romantic gestures. Other one has to simply do romance. Who is more comfortable? Is it a fair dating where one is just doing romance and other one has to drive also? So walking is the best solution of this problem. You both will be at same wavelength to talk to each other. It is quite fun to watch at each other and to talk with each other. The person with whom you are in love will be quite happy to have a dating walk with you. You don’t have to drive a car and not to consume fuel. Ultimately you will save money. You need not to drive a car that emits smoke. So isn’t it one of the coolest Valentine Day ideas.

4. Sustainable dinner

No I am not advising you to go vegan. Nor am I asking you to eat organic food. Just a little tip here! Eat together if you both really love each other. You will use one plate. You will completely finish the food you put in your plate. You can order variety of food items in small quantity. Ultimately you waste less and consume more. This is the true spirit of reduce, reuse and recycle. So when you are going to make a green date.

5. Music for two

You want to party. It’s great. You want to dance with your loved one. You want to enjoy music. So you and your “someone special” both want to enjoy. Maybe others living around you don’t want to enjoy at this moment of time. Maybe they want to do any other work. They may want to chill out at home. They may want to take a deep sleep. So you must take care of them. Yes head phone is the excellent way-out to enjoy and let others spend their life as they want. It is really one of the practical noise-aversion Valentine Day ideas.

Valentine Day Ideas6. Show you care

You must show your care to the person with whom you are in love or in relationship. You should show how caring you are by nature. For this show your care to every living being. Show your care to Mother Nature. If you both go to seaside show your care to beach. Show your care to flowers by not plucking them. You can show your caring nature with every act you do in your daily life.

So this you should do while dating with the person you’re in love or in relationship by following all the above Valentine Day ideas. Have a good time and enjoy.

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