5 practical pledges to observe Earth Day 2017

Every year Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on 22nd April to express our love to mother Earth.

People make huge promises to take care of their surrounding environment. Their sincerity can’t be questioned. Their participation in this event shows how sincere they are.

Millions of people have been observing this day since its inception in 1970. They make promises to save our planet. But threats are still there. Environment is still degrading.

Does it mean people make false promises on this occasion? Again I would say people’s sincerity can’t be questioned. They don’t have any compulsion to join the celebrations of this day. They join it willingly every year.

Earth DaySo what is the problem? Why Earth is not getting safer despite huge promises of a huge number of population every year. This point we need to ascertain.

Aspect of practical action

Actually people make promises on Earth Day full of huge plans. They promise to save our planet. They promise to completely go green. They pledge to do whatever they can to protect our environment.

Did you notice this point? They mostly make very general resolution. Their promise covers so many actions to do for the green care. That is why they get upset how come they fulfill their promise. So they just talk more and act less. They actually are not guided properly.

How to save our planet practically on Earth Day 2017?

This we need to tell people on the occasion of Earth Day 2017. Each one of us has to play its role for the care of Earth.  The theme of this year’s Earth DAy is “Environmental & Climate Literacy“. It calls for planting trees to save our Earth from global warming and climate change.

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5 actions to save our Earth

Instead of doing hundreds of promises just do these five practical pledges on the occasion of Earth Day 2017.

1. Buy three garbage bins

Make a practical pledge to follow the universal rule of solid waste management. This is called reuse, reduce and recycle.

Instead of one garbage bin inside home put the three. One for the garbage to throw out every day. Second for the stuff that you can reuse without any processing to them. Third for the items you can sell to any recycling company for its remake as another item.

You can decide by yourself. No any technical info is required for this purpose. All the garbage which you think can never be of any use; just put it in throw-out bin.

The things you can use for any further purpose at your home put them in reuse garbage bin.

All the things which can be recycled like broken kitchen utensils, glass bottles, plastic material, papers, discarded books should go into recycle bin.

So the practical action you need to take for this pledge is to buy three bins today.

2. Replace the big drinking water glasses with smaller ones

This is another practical pledge for Earth Day 2017. It relates to water conservation. We rarely drink full glass of water. We fill it full but mostly leave some water into it, which we throw and actually waste it. So this is an auto-built tip for water conservation.

Instead of big glass use the smaller one. So just today replace the bigger ones with smaller ones if you have glass of both sizes. Or buy smaller glass and replace them to conserve drinking water from today.

3. Another day in a week to eat vegetables

Do you know meat industry of the world pollute the world more than transport sector of the world does? Water is also used in huge amount to process the food for consumption. So its solution is reduced consumption of meat.

We can’t ask people to stop consuming meat. Its consumption is an inseparable part of cultural dishes of many cultures. In many religions meat is termed as a great blessing. So it is not good to conflict with the cultural and religious values.

Yes meat can be consumed less. It helps save money because its prices are everywhere higher than vegetables and pulses. So instead of making big promise of no meat consumption just add one more day in your weekly menu for vegetables.

You can buy a vegetable recipe book to make delicious vegetable food and enjoy equally like you do with meat dishes.

4. Replace all bulbs at home and office with LED

This is another awesome tip of practical action on Earth Day 2017. This is about energy conservation. Which type of bulbs you are using at home? If they are energy savers its fine, else just replace them with energy savers or LED bulbs.

They will reduce your energy bill by power conservation. Ultimately you will contribute less in burning of fossil fuel for energy conservation.

You can also switch to solar energy if you can afford to install solar panel at your rooftop. But I won’t insist you because it is a little huge pledge that requires big money. Yes if possible for you then it is another awesome practical tip to observe Earth Day 2017.

5. Buy comfortable shoes to walk more

It sounds strange if you buy comfortable and casual shoes to observe Earth Day 2017. It has a purpose. If you already have, then fine. Else just buy the one because many times you might have avoided walking because of your costly shoes.

If you have comfortable and casual shoes you can easily walk to cover short distances. In this way you will save fuel of your car and also improve your health.

So these are the five practical pledges to make on the occasion of Earth Day 2017. You can make all of them or maximum of them depending upon your affordability.

I have made the two by replacing all drinking water-glass with smaller ones and bought comfortable shoes to walk more. What you will do. Just let us know in comments section below.

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