How to convince your family for making your abode a green home?

It is mostly likely that all your inmates are not in favor of living green. You have gotten the green message clearly and accepted it. But they may be so busy and could not have properly understood the benefits of going green.

Or maybe the message could not have been communicated to them properly. Or they may have misconception about eco-friendly way of living. Whatever the reason but being environment friendly member of your family now you need to convince them to turn your abode into a green home. But first let’s discuss what a green home is?

What is a green home?

It is a common home. Even it won’t look strange in the cluster of homes. Also don’t expect a green home means a house full of plants and greenery. This is not the case. There are a few basic parameters of an eco home.

  • Where not a drop of water or a unit of energy is wasted
  • Where no littering is done
  • Where reuse and recycle is the habit of every inmate
  • Where use of machines is done when it is unavoidable
  • Where kitchen emissions are fully exhausted outside and free from indoor pollution
  • Drinking water is fully purified before intake with water filter or just boiling it for 30 minutes

green home

Who don’t want such facilities in his home? So the problem is not avoidance of going green. Main issue is failure to understand properly what green living is. Do you think any of the above parameter is impossible to apply? Do any of them cost a lot if you follow it?

If you fully communicate your family members all these parameters, who will go against them? So problem is our green communication is not stronger. It is not with a proper plan. So always follow a strategy to convince others for going green. If others are your own family members the task becomes easier. You can communicate with them whenever they can better listen to you. This is because of your living with them.

Health benefits of a green home

It is a universal fact every person remains much worried about the wellbeing of his family. So exploit this point to convince your each family member for making a green home. Tell him that:

  • In an eco home the chances of pollution-related health problems are next to nothing.
  • Plants and greenery will keep housemates free from the effects of air pollution.
  • Water care will make them be away from water-borne diseases.

So simply narrate the health benefits of eco home.

Eco home means saving of money

What is the most common activity in an eco home? Everyone tries to save resources. It may be water, energy, usable items or food items; everyone tries to save them as much as possible. So what is the ultimately advantage of saving resources? You will pay less bill of energy. You need to pay less for water bill. You need to buy less amount of grocery. So, each of your home expenses will be quite lower.

So start today convincing your housemates to adopt green living and make your abode an eco home. You can tell them all the benefits of an eco home in your everyday conversation without letting them know your objective.

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