Keep planting trees to fight air pollution

Once I read somewhere a tree provides cooling equal to that of one tone air conditioner. This is the indoor benefit of planting a tree.

If you plant it in your home the overall atmosphere of your home would remain cool and refreshing. Please note this is not the only benefit of the trees.

There are several other benefits that ask us to keep planting trees. But we would discuss today just the one that is the most important one.

Keep planting trees for sustainable development

planting treesIf any businessman or government installs a development project in residential area its concerned environmental watchdog binds it to plant maximum number of trees alongside the project. This is more particularly ordered in case a road is built in densely populated area.

Its purpose is just to reduce the pollution more particularly air pollution. When a safe passage is erected for the traffic to move from there obviously load of traffic pollution would rise in such area. So trees are sort of safeguards against the rising level of air pollution.

How trees reduce the traffic pollution?

This is the simple question and its answer is also very simple. We all know about it but don’t remember it in our everyday life. We plant tree sometimes to get its shed in our courtyard or to get fruits from it. Very rarely we aim to plant a tree just to refresh our air environment.

Trees emit oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide in the day. Their breathing system is contrary to that of human beings in the day. In the night they also follow the same breathing pattern as that of human beings by releasing carbon dioxide and inhaling oxygen.

Heavy traffic in day time

The load of traffic pollution rises during the day time because most of the traffic plies on roads during the day time. In this way trees are the best weapon to fight against the traffic pollution. Most of the vehicles emit carbon dioxide in huge number.

Its excess quantity is harmful for our lungs and respiratory system. Its presence in huge quantity makes shortage of oxygen for us to inhale. That is why we feel suffocation in an environment near to high traffic area.

Dual benefit of trees

Trees serve two-way purpose to reduce the air emissions. On one side they inhale the carbon dioxide released by vehicles and one the other side they emit oxygen to offset the shortage of oxygen in an environment afflicted by the air pollution.

Therefore, more and more trees in areas having heavy load of traffic is great blessing.

You have recalled this forgotten benefit of the trees. Now our effort should be to keep planting trees in densely populated areas wherever we find place to plant them. There is an ethics for planting trees in congested areas.

Plant a tree at a place where there is no open wiring, nor any changes of new building construction close to it. In this way the planted tree would not face any hurdle to grow up, nor would any development lover tries to cut it in its infancy just to construct a new building or spread the wire for the expansion of any utility service. Hence in all circumstances we should keep planting trees.

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