100 tips to promote a tree plantation drive for free

The benefits of trees are unlimited. They are the strongest shield against the harms of air pollution. They strengthen soil. They resist natural calamities especially floods. They provide the shadow. They lessen the heat of temperature. They enhance the beauty of surrounding. They bring optimism in people living around them. They give fruits, herbs, vegetables.

The list goes on. So we can say its benefits are more than numerous.

If trees’ benefits are that much, then why we hear requests, appeals and advice to keep planting trees. Why people are not planting trees to enjoy their benefits.

Its answer is so simple. Unplanned development is not letting us to plant trees. Not only this but fad for more progress is also cutting trees everywhere across the world.

Buildings, bridges, roads, highways, airports, factories, towers, monuments and several other such things are being constructed everywhere.

Population is rising so people can’t survive on natural resources. So natural resources are transformed into artificial abundance. They are converted into artificial resources for prompt but short-live benefits.

That is why everybody is talking about development but damned care of sustainable development which means development with fully taking care of environment and natural resources.

tree plantationThere is a process of environmental impact assessment (EIA) mandatory by law to implement before making any kind of development. But it is not being followed with same spirit all across the globe.

Some countries are following it but many are following it just to meet the formalities.  It is not being followed in its true spirit.

Under the process of EIA every developer is bound to avoiding cutting trees while making any construction work. If a developer has no choice then he must plant several times more than he cut during the construction phase.

But it is not happening and trees are being cut in several times more than they are being planted.

So it is necessary to keep conducting tree plantation campaigns everywhere across the globe. It is the duty of all to launch such campaigns at local level. Governments, communities, industries, businesses, educational institutions, media, NGOs and people have to play their role to support tree plantation campaigns at their area.

It is generally observed such campaigns are not launched effectively. It is publicized that a massive tree plantation campaign is being launched but all segments of society are not involved into it.

That is why it remains confined to those who run it or who own it. As a result it looks so appealing in news and in official files but on ground it fails to bring the desired results. Its main reason is non-involvement of communities into it.

No grassroots level campaign can be launched effectively without community participation.

Promote a tree plantation campaign for free

So here are 100 ideas to launch an effective tree plantation campaign by fully involving all the communities.


1. Sapling distribution/sales outlets should be newly opened or established at already opened nurseries in the city to provide saplings most-fit for plantation in the area at subsidized rates.

2. Other accessories including soil, organic fertilizer, shovel, water sprinkler, tree fence etc should also be provided on subsidized rates.

3. Massive publicity of location of these spots should be made to let people know where from they can buy plants and other accessories.

4. People should also be informed how long subsidy will be available.


5. Each office of administration of the area must be made bound to offer full support during the tree plantation campaign. This can be done with an administrative order.

6. A central management committee should be formed to supervise the campaign in which all representatives of different communities should be made members.

7. A task force should be established to run the tree plantation campaign under the directives of central management committee. In this task force those people should be involved who can work on ground to make this campaign successful.

8. Subsidiary committees should also be set up to mobilize the local communities to participate in the campaign

9. Quantified target of the campaign should be set and publicized at a wider scale on commercial basis or with the help of tips given below to let people know how many saplings are to be planted minimum under this campaign.


10. Local political leaders of all political organizations should be taken into confidence to make this campaign successful at grassroots level

11. All religious leaders of the area should also be involved in this campaign

12. All religious forums including Church, Temple, and Mosque should also be contacted and their management should be convinced to plant trees around their place of worship

13. All types of spiritual leaders and spiritual healers should also be asked to cooperate in effective launch of this campaign.

14. All charities should also be appealed to plant trees within their buildings and also around them if possible and also dole out a sapling with charity to deserving people.

15. Culture of tree plantation should be promoted in different cultures living in the city

16. Giving the gift of sapling on birthdays should be promoted at the grassroots level with the help of opinion leaders


17. Various registration authorities of NGOs should be first assigned to pick the best NGOs of each area to participate in tree plantation campaign

18. NGOs of each area should be called and a representative of registration authority mobilize them to full participate in the drive

19. On their consenting each NGO should be assigned the task to plant trees in a specified area under the guidance of Task Force

20. NGOs should also be motivated to go to the communities at the grassroots level to motivate people plant more and more trees

21. NGOs should be trained to convince people to plant trees on self-help basis without expecting any help from anywhere. This will promote the sense of ownership in them and they will look after each sapling till it becomes a tree


22. Efforts should be made to link tree plantation with brands of media to involve them in this campaign

23. A few leading media houses should be made partner in this campaign to motivate others to join this noble cause

24. Media houses should be requested to put tree plantation message in maximum number in their different types of programs

25. Directors, producers and anchors should be fully briefed on the campaign with the request to them for publicity in their programs

26. Meetings should be made with newspaper editors, owners and administrators to join this campaign by planting trees within their organizations and also promote it

27. Massive coverage of the campaign should also be made in all media including newspapers, magazines, TV news bulletin

28. Radio especially FM channels may be requested to on-air message on tree plantation for the public awareness of their listeners

29. In quiz shows a gift of sapling should also be tagged with regular prize to promote the habit of planting trees

tree plantation


30. The highest boss of the government should be requested to issue an order to all subordinate offices to plant trees in the premises of their buildings

31. Meeting should be held with top bosses of the government to motivate people around them to plant trees and save their environment

32. Government should be pressurized to allocate more and more funds to plant trees and help others plant trees in community areas

33. Government should also be asked to do research to point out plants most-fit for the area

34. Government forestry experts should also be requested to guide the communities how to plant a tree

35. Every government officer should be made bound to plant at least one tree in his house, in community area or at the office

36. Government officers should be trained on importance of tree plantation and how to plant trees and enjoy their benefits

37. In every new construction at a government office, its contractor should be made bound legally to plant maximum trees inside and around the new construction

38. No approval of new construction should be granted unless the applicant government department gives undertaking in writing to plant more and more trees in it


39. Farmer organizations should be contacted to involve them in tree plantation campaign

40. Farmers should be convinced to plant trees at their farming fields and leave no free space idle

41. Incentives should be given to farmers to establish orchards also apart from simply relying for livelihood on crops

42. In rural areas all free space must be used to plant trees wherever it is possible and farmers should be motivated to join the drive for this purpose.


43. Businessmen should be requested to print tree plantation messages on their brands and their packaging for public awareness

44. They should be appealed to donate more and more for the effective launch of tree plantation campaign

45. They should be motivated to plant trees within the premises of their offices if possible

46. Business associations should also be approached to plant trees in the premises of their offices

47. They should be made aware not to make new construction without doing its EIA (environmental impact assessment) and fully offset the cutting of trees by planting several times more than they cut

48. Their staff should also be made aware to plant trees wherever it is possible

Social media

49. A Facebook page should be created exclusively for the campaign and all FB users of the area should be invited to join it

50. Regular updates of the campaign should be uploaded at the Facebook page

51. Several quotes highlighting the importance of trees should also be uploaded on regular basis

52. A Campaign Board should also be created at Pinterest and same activities should be done on it

53. A Twitter Account should also be opened and regular updates of campaign and quotes on trees should be shared on it

54. The same activity should also be done at Google+ where a large number of people regularly visit

55. A free blog at Tumblr should be created and regular update of the campaign should be published on it

56. More and more photos of the campaign should be snapped to share them at social media

57. Comments on other blogs of tree plantation, go green and environment should be dropped to inform their readers about the campaign

58. In online social forums the introduction and regular updates of the campaign should also be published on regular basis

59. Details of the campaign should be published at all the websites that publish them for free

60. A free blog at Blogger should also be created to promote the campaign and motivate others to join it

61. A documentary on importance of tree plantation should also be published at online video channels like YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo etc

Cell Phones

62. Local cellular companies should be requested to join this campaign voluntarily

63. A big cellular company can also be made partner in the campaign to promote its brand

64. All the cellular companies should be requested to release messages to their users on tree plantation for their motivation

65. A company can also be hired to send the messages of the campaign to as much cell numbers as available. This service is easily available in every part of the world

tree plantation


66. Students should be made the main force of this campaign

67. They may be asked to fill undertaking to at least plant one tree once in their life

68. They should be convinced to give saplings as gift to each other

69. They should be motivated to plant trees at their homes, schools and places where they sit together

70. Each student should buy a coupon to bear the cost of one tree and host of the campaign should plant that tree on behalf of that student

71. Five extra marks may be given if a student plant a sapling and grow it as tree in one year

72. Stickers on tree plantation should be distributed among students to motive them


73. In colleges, students should be made caretaker of saplings to take care till they become trees

74. Tee Shirts on tree plantation should be sold in colleges and their profit should be spent to plant more and more trees

75. A tree plantation festival can also be arranged in a cluster of colleges

76. In girls colleges corner meetings should be held to convince girls plant trees at their homes


77. Universities have more free space so especial efforts should be made to plant more and more trees there

78. A separate project of tree plantation should be introduced in various social sciences and natural sciences departments as part of their examination

79. The culture of sitting under trees should be promoted to make people habitual of them

80. Instead of covered canteen open canteen under the shadow of trees should be promoted more


81. Housewives can be approached through morning shows to participate in this campaign

82. Housewives who live in flats should be trained through media on bucket farming

83. They can also be trained to grow curry related herbs in small earthen pots inside their homes and can also save money

84. At community level housewives can also motivate their men folk to participate in this campaign


85. A letter to each showbiz and sports celebrity of the area should be written to promote the campaign

86. They should be invited in grassroots-level activities of the campaign

87. Their messages should also be recorded to release through electronic and net media

88. Their message should be printed on public transport for the motivation of people

89. Singers should be requested to make a song on tree plantation

Environmental Journalists

90. They must be made main leaders of the campaign

91. The data base of their emails should be developed as top priority to involve them in the drive

92. They should be updated on campaign regularly preferably daily at a specified time

93. They should also be informed through phone of each component of the activity daily

94. An SMS should also be sent to them hour before each program


95. Columnist should be requested to refer the campaign in their columns

96. Writers should also be appealed to speak in favor of campaign

97. Poets should be requested to write a few verses on benefits of trees for their publication in print media

98. Painters should make a painting to promote the campaign and display at community centers

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So these are the 100 ideas to promote a tree plantation campaign for free. Otherwise your campaign will be confined to news and in files of the government. Take care.

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