5 most effective natural remedies for depression

Life is a natural mix of sorrows and happiness. After night day must come. After a scorching sun, a cool shadow is obvious. After failure, success is your destiny. But we don’t take life in this way.

We take it as it looks to us. We take it the way it treats us. If we fail we think life means failure. If we face a little hardship we think life is a hell.

So naturally we will suffer from depression if we just see the one side of a coin. But before we talk about natural remedies of depression let’s first discuss what depression is?

What is depression?

natural remedies for depressionDepression is a state of mind when you don’t want to do anything. You stop every idea for doing an activity. You declare failure before attempting. You stick to negative thoughts. You wrongly assume whole world is against you. You wrongly but firmly believe you are the most unfortunate person in this world. This stops your positive thinking process. You have huge sinking feelings in a given time and you say you have depression.

In depression you can go to any extreme while dealing with others, with yourself and in your thought process. It is apparently a normal but medically one of the most harmful diseases which can not only affect you but also can make you harm the people around you.

Main negative effects of depression

If you frequently suffer from depression it means:

  • Persistent lethargy in your attitude
  • Pessimism in your thoughts
  • Unpredictability in your way of living
  • Bad habits in your lifestyle especially in eating, leading to several fatal diseases.
  • Poor performance in education and job
  • Problems in relationship
  • Self harming leading to suicide in extreme cases

Depression can be cured with conventional medication but it may have side effects as well. So the best way to remove the causes of depression is applying natural remedies for depression.

5 natural remedies for depression

Here I tell you five most effective natural remedies for depression. If depression is natural then its remedies should also be free from artificial tricks and tips.

1. Strengthen your belief

You must have your own belief system. Many of us believe in a super natural being that controls all the affairs of the world. You might also have belief that everything in this world is predestined. You might also have belief that justice prevails sooner or later.

In very open words you must have strong opinion that delay can occur but injustice can never if you are sincere with your purpose. So strengthen this belief of yours and follow it in your life to stop depression affects you.

2. Nothing is unsolvable in this world

Problem means an issue that must have a solution. If a problem does not have solution it means it is an unnatural phenomenon.

You may ask if every problem does have a solution then why it hits us most of the time. There are several reasons of it. Sometimes we come to know a problem when it fully affects us. Sometimes we apply a wrong solution to get rid of it. Otherwise if we make an early move we must solve it in our best interest. For this purpose first we must not be worry about any type of problem.

We just need to worry how to solve it in the best possible way. If we have this confidence level we won’t suffer from depression. So, natural remedies for depression actually keep you away from all types of mental stress.

3. How do you take depression?

People can never copy the way you are looking at a thing or object. Because they can’t stand at the place where you are standing. Remember this rule in your whole life.

The way you are taking a problem as a hell for your life may be a trivial for others. So your viewpoint is the main thing that takes you in depression. Just change it. Just try to think with others mind. If you are depressed because everybody cheat on you just look at you the way others are looking at you. It will make you understand others viewpoint about you.

4. We can’t control everything

One of the main causes of depression is our intense desire to make everything best. Due to our sincerity we want everything should be in our complete control. Either it is our family, office or group of friends. We want everybody listens to us and obeys us. It is not a practical approach. You need to follow others if you want to make them follow you. So never expect everything will happen as you want.

5. Define you role

This is one of the most effective natural remedies of depression. Why we get depressed. We do because we want to do more than we should do. It may be for the welfare of our family, for our own happiness or for the good of our country.

But we forget everyone has his own role in life. We cannot act as both mother and father. We must have limitations. So we need to extract opportunities from limitations. We must engage ourselves as much as we can. We must not try to go beyond our role. If you follow this point you would be surprised to see half of your depression runs away at once.

Apart from these tips you can also apply these natural remedies for depression to stay stress-free and happy.

  • Eat seasonal fruits but never eat them as if they are medicines. Just enjoy them
  • Walk but never walk as if it is a drill. Take your best companion with you and keep sharing your happy moments of life with him or her.
  • Just see what you have and be thankful for what you have. To think what you don’t have, keep deferring this idea forever.
  • Eat protein-rich diet but don’t swallow it. First make your favorite dish full of proteins and then enjoy it.
  • Heaven will not fall if you fail in your attempt. The only solution of failure is to make the second attempt. So get ready for the second attempt where you will obviously succeed. Enjoy

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