8 Go Green Tips to Save $500 Per Month

Maybe you take this idea as a flight of fancy or a mad-man-idea.

You firmly but wrongly believe if you go green it will increase your cost of living.

So how come one save that much amount in a month by adopting a green way of living.

You wrongly presume by following a green lifestyle you need to buy costly green products.

You need to install solar panel at your home to consume green energy.

You need to buy organic food at higher prices.

It is absolutely wrong if you go green it will cost you more money.

Nor it will rob comfort of your life.

Nor it will stop you enjoy your life.

Go green tips for saving $500 per month from today

go green tipsI am not saying that if you go green you will save $500 a month in the long run. You will from today, believe me.

You need not to wait for a long time to reap the benefits of a green lifestyle. As soon as you go green your home expenses will decline by $500 each month.

But you must go green and spend an environment friendly life. Otherwise there is no guarantee you will save this much amount.

Tip 1: Save energy

Don’t worry. You don’t have to sell out any of your electric appliances. Nor you need to switch from conventional to solar energy. Isn’t it one of the cool go green tips?

Just you need to save energy. You need not to stay in the dark or sweat in a room without air conditioner. Apply these energy-saving tips and almost halve your energy bill.

  • Switch on lights to make your surroundings visible instead of making them shine like sun. Just make clearly visible all the things around you – big and small.
  • Keep air conditioner at 26 and just wait for ten minutes; it will cool the whole space and you will not feel heat anymore.
  • Keep your refrigerator clean and do its service every month. Keep only those food and other edible items which are must to refrigerate. Make habit to buy food items frequently instead of buying once in a month to keep them in fridge for the whole month. Remember lesser items in fridge means lesser energy consumption.
  • Use grinder, blender and microwave oven in one-go daily and do all the required jobs with them once in a day. Their frequent use consumes more energy.
  • Use laptop instead of desktop and next time always buy laptop as it consumes 80% energy lesser than the big machine.
  • Use compute as much as you need and don’t leave it opened just hoping to come back after awhile. Finish your whole important work in one-go.
  • Use washing machine with a proper cloth-washing plan and reduce its usage up to twice in a week to wash all clothes in two slots.

If you start doing all these energy-saving tips from today you will get your next energy bill almost $100 lesser than the previous month.

Also download these 100 Energy Saving Tips to save more and more money.

go green tipsTip 2: Conserve water

  • If you buy mineral water use it with care and try to use a water filter to make home’s water safe for drinking.
  • Take shower fast and never leave it opened while applying soap or shampoo.
  • Use water sprinkler to water the plants and garden.
  • Reuse the used water of hand washing to sprinkle it outside home or for washing your car.
  • Never leave the tap opened in small gaps either you are washing dishes, doing shave or brushing your teeth.

If you apply these water conservation tips you have to pay less for mineral water and also your water bill as a whole will be lesser. If you apply these tips your water expenses will be slashed by $50 per month. This is also one of the awesome go green tips to save huge money every month.

Also download these 100 Water Saving Tips to save money more and more.

Tip 3: Reduce

Reduce means throwing a thing after its full and complete use.

For example fully use the writing pad then throw it. It means writing at every corner and margin of each page of the writing pad then dispose it off.

Another example; fully use broom then throw it.

In short use everything to its maximum possible level and then dispose it off. Ultimately you need to buy lesser from the next month. You can save up to $25 per month by following the formula of reduce for your whole life. Isn’t it one of the easiest go green tips to save money.

Also download these 100 Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and save money more and more.

Tip 4: Reuse

Never throw a thing once its use is over. Use it for another purpose.

If you have drunk water from water bottle never just throw it away.

Reuse it to keep any other usable liquid. You can keep in it organic detergent to wash the clothes.

So reusing everything for different purposes after their first use will also make you save $25 per month.

Tip 5: Recycle

Recycling means reusing a thing after doing a slight or complete modification in it.

If you have fully used your T-Shirt don’t throw it. Make its small pieces and use them for dusting and avoid buying duster.

Try to apply your creativity to use everything with slight modification and save $50 per month by doing this.

Tip 6: Avoid food waste

Eat as much as you can but never throw away it nor leave it in your plate uneaten. This is your right to enjoy your food but never waste it. This is also one of the coolest go green tips. Isn’t it?

For this purpose cook as much food as you and your family can eat. Buy as much food as you can eat. So you will save a large amount which you spend on food just because you buy it more than you can eat. You can easily save up to $100 per month by avoiding food wastage.

Here are 5 easy tips to avoid food wastage.

Tip 7: Commute together

If you have a car it’s fine enjoy it.

But do you know how vehicular emissions affect your health. It causes lungs cancer, it affects the IQ level of your kids, it makes your children dull and unsocial and it also causes heart diseases.

So it is better to reduce the vehicular emission by using your vehicle as less as you can.

You can commute on public transport for first three days of week till you are not much tired. In last three days of the week you may use your car to commute when you are a little tired.

If you have two vehicles one for you and one for your spouse you will off one of your vehicles for whole week if you follow this tip.

go green tipsIf you and your wife have to go to places not far away from each other’s why not you enjoy the company of each other and also reduce vehicular emission.

You should also cover short distances by walking on feet because nature has given you feet to walk not to just hang them below the chair.

As a result of doing all this you will save at least $75 per month of fuel.

Here are tips to control vehicular emissions.

Tip 8: Reduce your medical bill

I am sure from now you will cover short distance on your feet. You will try to stay away from unhealthy eating habits. You will take a lot of care while spending your life. What you will get ultimately. Money saving up to $425 so far by following the above go green tips.

You will be so happy to save a handsome amount every month. This amount you can spend for you and your family’s welfare and pleasure. You will enjoy more and be depressed less. So ultimately you need not go to doctor and you will save up to $75 in your monthly medical bill.

Here are 100 Tips For Green Living

So what do you say now. Am I right you can save up to $500 per month with these 8 go green tips? I think you can save more than this. This is an average amount I mentioned here. So what you are thinking should you start today. Great; so just start doing it.

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