How to enjoy summer season in an eco-friendly way?

It’s not your problem to happily pass the summer season. This is the problem of all who live in cold regions. This is equally a big problem where it remains for longer period of time with full intensity like in Asia and Africa.

Tips for people of cold areas to enjoy summer season in an eco-friendly way

If you live in cold area summer is blessing for you. But sometimes it becomes so boring. It becomes boring if you don’t plan it. So you must plan your summer before it comes. You need to focus three things while planning it in an eco-friendly way.

  • Fun
  • Food
  • Family


eco-friendlySo just pick the activities you can have more fun in summer. They should be eco-friendly. To enjoy more means take advantage of summer for every kind of activity. It may be going out. Enjoying sun bath on sea-side and surfing in deep-sea but with full safety measures. Neither of these activities may slightly hit our environment. So they all are cool and eco-friendly both.

You can wear as much simple clothes as you want. You can try every type of fashion wear of summer season. So do whatever you want to do in this summer. Just take care of others and never do anything that my disturb others and our lovely environment.

Green dating is another cool way to enjoy your relationship in summer. For that you just need to move to natural place from the hustle and bustle of city life. Just try once going for outing to a purely natural place free from artificial installations. Then feel the pleasure of being eco-friendly and natural.


In summer fear of suffering from cold, cough and throat irritation is almost none. Very rarely people suffer from such diseases. So need not to avoid enjoying ice cream, chilled juices and fresh organic drinks.

Just you need to make them natural. Organic ice cream is freely available in every big super market. For making organic juices buy the seasonal fruits and make their juice at home. In regular food also summer is the best choice to check if you can be happy while being vegetarian. Usually people don’t want to eat meat in hot. So you can make friendship with vegetables to regular eat them in every weather.


The best time in everyone’s life is the one which he spends with his family. The benefit of summer is that you can move anywhere you want. There is no fear of intense cold or jamming of your car in snow. So you can go without any risk to anywhere. So never forget to be with family for the happiest outing and enjoy more.

Tips to spend summer season for people of hot areas

If you are from any hot area you may be acclimatized to survive hot season. But you do have to take lot of care while spending your summer. Simultaneously you need to spend it in budget because expenses rise in summer season.

  • Go for outing to nearby places to avoid travelling cost and also help reduce vehicular emissions.
  • Keep your AC at 26 degree because howsoever hot it is just that much level is enough to cool your room.
  • Instead of cold drinks or chemical mixed soft-drinks always go for organic drinks especially those that are made at home.
  • Meat consumption increases the temperature of your body apart from negatively affecting with various other ways. So avoid eating meat in summer and enjoy vegetables and pulses to keep you cool and healthy both.
  • Lengthy bath won’t help you reduce heat of your body. Instead take a bath fast and after drying your body wear easy clothes and just chill out at an open place if sun is not at your head.
  • Plan your chores in a way to do indoor chores in mid-day and outdoor work in the morning and evening to avoid scorching sun.

So these are a few tips to create a simple and memorable summer. You can do whatever you want in summer but fully taking care of your health and environment.

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