Reduce your carbon footprint up to 20% by next weekend

Yes you can reduce your carbon footprint up to 20% by the next weekend. Don’t worry for this purpose you need not to switch off most of your lights and electric appliances at your home. Nor you have to buy a costly solar panel to switch your electricity consumption from conventional to solar system.

You just have to read this post till the end and will get a great solution to easily reduce your carbon footprint up to 20% by the next weekend. Not only this, but you will cut your monthly electricity bill to the minimum and save a huge amount of money every month.

So just stick to this post of more than 1500 words right now if you are free or bookmark it to read it in free time. Choice is your but in any of the cases never miss it else you will lose a big chance to save huge money every month.

What is carbon footprint?

reduce your carbon footprintCarbon footprint means total emissions of carbon dioxide as a result of burning of fossil fuels including gas, petrol and coal. Fossil fuel is mostly burnt to run the machines, drive vehicles and produce electricity.

The major source of carbon (short form of carbon dioxide) emission is the manufacturing process of electricity. We need electricity at home, office and factory. But the major need of electricity is for producing goods and for plying vehicles.

Machines can’t be run without it. There is no easily available form of fuel other than petrol to drive vehicles. That is why electricity is produced at a massive scale. Petrol is also used all over the world in huge quantity. Obviously carbon dioxide is also emitted at a huge scale as result of these carbon emitting activities.

So generation of electricity and use of petrol in vehicles pollutes the air. Polluted air means a lot of respiratory diseases to human beings. The harms of air pollution are several. We have already discussed its harms in details in our several posts.

More emissions of carbon dioxide also mean climate change. Excess of carbon dioxide in air creates extreme weather. As a result temperature moves to highest and lowest points in summer and winter respectively. Extreme temperatures affect our agriculture mainly. Ultimately we have lesser agriculture production and we face food shortage.

So we need to control burning of fossil fuels but we can’t control production of electricity. It has to be produced to meet the electricity needs of the whole world.

reduce your carbon footprintSo what we can do is to reduce at least our own carbon footprint. Yes we can consume electricity to the minimum level.

Difficult way to reduce your carbon footprint

You can reduce your carbon footprint by consuming electricity as much lesser as possible. From the start of the day to end of the day when you go to bed you need to take full care of your electricity consumption.

You need to follow these 25 ways to consume electricity lesser.

But can you do this forever. Is it possible all people of the world keep doing this? It is an overambitious idea. It sounds good in books and articles but practically it is so difficult.

All the people may be spending one to two hours daily to reduce consuming electricity. If total population of the world is 7 billion it means daily 14 billion hours to save electricity. Is it a right way. No not at all. You need to search any easier way to conserve energy permanently and reduce your carbon footprint.

Expensive way to reduce your carbon footprint

You can install a solar panel at your home to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint. In this way you need not to spend one to two hours daily to conserve energy consumption at your home or office. You just have to buy a solar panel and install it at our home.

But here comes a cost factor. It cost up to 4000 dollars if you buy it and also its maintenance cost. Is it possible for all people afford to do this? It is also an overambitious idea. People won’t spend that much amount just to reduce their carbon footprint.

Admitted that by switching from conventional to solar energy will reduce monthly energy bill. It may make it almost zero. But no one has a big amount in one-go to buy a costly solar panel. That is why mostly people keep paying monthly electricity bill which is quite lesser than 4000 to 5000 dollars. So we can say it is an expensive way to save electricity.

The easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint

You need not to worry after reading difficult and expensive ways to conserve energy. Here is an easy or the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint. This is called networking with those people who are already doing this on self-help basis.

They are buying appliances which consume energy lesser. They are even making solar panel and running it by themselves. They are so far 3000 people in this network who are following a green way of living. They have reduced their carbon footprint up to 20% in one week just after following energy conservation tips and tricks. All these tips are developed by experts and are already tested.

They all interact with each other and share tips and tricks to go solar and reduce their carbon footprint. This group is managed by a group of green energy experts.

reduce your carbon footprintYes this is online green community. Green Eco Club is an online green community that offers you complete advice on going green and producing renewable energy for your home and office use.

Join it and get three awesome giveaways for free

1. Once you register in it you get full access to its video library. Here you can find videos and mp3 on go green ideas, energy-saving tips and tricks and do-it-yourself tips to produce your own solar energy.

2. You will also get money-saving and going green tips each week to minimize your monthly budget and adopt an eco-friendly way of living.

3. Each month you will also get Renewable Energy DIY guide that otherwise available online at a cost of $47. But you will get it free for each month till you are member of this club.

You can also ask questions to green energy experts available online in this club. You can get their advice to install your own solar panel at your rooftop. It is also free and forever till you are member of the club.

So what do you say? Isn’t it a great offer? But wait the showering of benefits does not stops here. As soon as you become its member you will also get several other gifts for free.

Nine more ebooks of $175 for free soon after you joined it

1. A free Going Green Guide which otherwise available online at $27 to apply its methods to reduce your carbon footprint either by reducing your consumption of conventional energy or installing solar energy devices at your home.

2. You will get a Green DIY Energy Solar Electric (PV) Introduction. Then you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to start producing solar energy. This guide will explain how you can start building your own solar panel for only a few hundred dollars.  This ebook is otherwise available online at $27.

You will also get 7 more free ebooks that otherwise cost $125. These are also related to tips on making and installing solar heater, doing energy audit and buying solar products at maximum discount.

Money back guarantee for sixty days

Still you don’t have to worry about its price. If you are not satisfied with the services of Green Eco Club you can get back your money in sixty days. They won’t ask you any question and just return your money. And the good news is that after getting back your money you need not to refund the freebies which you got with this deal.

What is the fee for joining Green Eco Club?

Now you must be thinking how much it cost. Yes it is a Green Eco Club but it does not have any recurring cost.

No monthly or annual fee is required.

Just one-off fee of only $27, yes you read it right only $27.  

In return soon after you become its member you will get 9 ebooks on reducing carbon footprint for free. They otherwise cost you more than $175.

So just grab this awesome offer today and start reducing your carbon footprint to lower it up to 20 per cent within a week.

Equally you will save a lot of money by reducing your monthly electricity bill.

Also you will save a lot of money by installing DIY solar energy products at your home.

So what you are thinking now. Can you have solution to reduce your carbon footprint more wonderful than this one? Don’t wait to grab the offer. You will be thanking me forever. I bet.


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