42 cool ways to control air pollution together

Air pollution is one of the worst forms of pollution. It directly hits our lungs as soon as we inhale polluted air. It penetrates into our arteries and eventually causes coronary diseases.

Other nervous problems are also main outcome of this type of pollution. It also causes head ache, eye irritation, nostril problems, asthma, throat problems and many other diseases related to ear, nose and throat.

Air pollution is created when different gases exceed their amount in the ambient air. As a result the original composition of different gases in the air gets unbalanced.

Main sources of air pollution

The main causes of air pollution are emissions of gases from silencer of vehicles and chimney or stack of factories.

They are the two big sources of pollution. If a silencer of a vehicle emits gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide more than allowable limits it causes pollution in the air. These limits are set by environmental quality standards in every country.

Other causes of air pollution

control air pollutionEmissions from power plants are another huge reason of air contamination. Electricity is produced in whole world in biggest quantity. It is produced with burning of fossil fuel which creates huge pollution in the air. Alternative energy does not require burning of fossil fuel but it has yet to popularize in the world.

That is why main production is still of conventional energy which needs burning of huge amount of fossil fuel including gas, petrol and coal. As a result air pollution is created in huge amount all over the world.

Burning of conventional fuel including wood, coal, trash and rubber to cook the food is another main cause of indoor air pollution. It is so common in poor countries where advance type of fuel is not available because of weak purchasing power of consumers.

How to control air pollution with the help of all?

So to control air pollution all have to play their due role in daily life. It can’t be controlled with the enforcement of law only. It does need awareness to ensure community participation to keep our air safe from all types of hazards. So let’s discuss the required role of each community to control the menace of air pollution.

Car owners

In whole world silencer of vehicles is one of the biggest sources of air pollution. It can’t be controlled by simply penalizing the polluting car.

But it is not possible to check billions of cars and other vehicles daily all over the world if they are polluting. The owners of the vehicle need to play their role to put their vehicle’s emissions within limits. For this they need to:

control air pollution1. Use genuine and certified petrol and always avoid any type of adulterated fuel just to save a few bucks because of its low prices. The burning of adulterated fuel in the vehicle creates ten times more harmful emissions than the genuine fuel does.

2. Switch their fuel consumption from black to green fuel as certified in their country. In some countries CNG is a green fuel but in a few others it is not safe for consumption. So do check your country’s standards for switching your vehicle to green fuel.

3. If you can afford buy the hybrid car. If you have two vehicles you can sacrifice by selling both and buy one costly hybrid car to just play your role for air pollution control.

4. If public transport is available in your area, do use it and avoid using personal transport to reduce number of vehicles plying on roads. This will help reduce air contamination in the air.

5. Try to cover short distances by walking and reduce your reliance on vehicle by developing the habit of walk. This will also keep you healthy.

6. If you have a car, it’s fine but keep its engine and silencer in good condition to make it least emit the gases.

7. Regularly get the engine of your car tuned up.

8. Keep the tyres of your vehicle balanced and with permissible amount of air in them.

Factory owners

The second biggest cause of air pollution is chimney or stack of factory. In every country there are green laws to bind each factory to create an environmental management plan and strictly follow it. A factory in any part of the world is bound by law to:

9. Keep the stack or chimney in good condition to least emit the gases in the air

10. Regularly do environmental audit to check if its manufacturing process is doing any deviation from environmental standards

11. To develop a system of self monitoring and regularly report it to green regulator how much emissions your factory is making and if there is excess why it is and how and when it will control the excess.

12. Do make environmental impact assessment of each new construction and installation in the factory to avoid any environmental harm.

13. Plant as much trees as possible in and around the factory to mitigate the effects of air pollution


Government of each country has to play a lead role to control air pollution in its jurisdiction. Each state in the world is bound by its constitution to provide clean water to drink and clean air to breathe.

A citizen has all the rights to ask its government why it is not providing him clean air to breathe. The government of each country of the world should:

14. First make a countrywide survey to evaluate the level of air pollution in different locations and regions of the country.

15. It must develop a master plan to control air pollution all across the country.

16. It must pass a comprehensive law to control air pollution through its legislative assembly.

17. It must allocate sizeable funds for the control of air contamination in the country.

18. It must mobilize communities and NGOs to raise awareness on harms of air contamination and develop public opinion against this menace.

19. It must establish environmental protection agency in its all cities to enforce green laws and monitor polluting vehicles and industries to punish them according to green laws.


Individuals have also a great role to play to control air pollution. Apart from their role as vehicle owner as noted above, following is their required role:

control air pollution20. They must adopt a healthy and simple lifestyle with least reliance on machines to make factories manufacture less and emit gases less.

21. They need to use public transport for long distances and try to cover short distances by feet.

22. They should plant trees as much as they can because trees provide strong shield against all types of harms of air contamination.

23. They should not only learn about the harms of inhaling polluted air but also let others know about it.

24. They should save energy at their home, office and business to conserve energy and make power plants work lesser and release least amount of harmful gases.

Download these 100 energy saving tips to play your role to control air pollution.

25. If they can afford to switch from conventional energy to solar energy, they must do as green energy production does not affect the quality of air.


Housewives have to stay at home longer than their men folk. So they need to play their role more vigorously to keep their home free from indoor air pollution. They should:

26. Keep the kitchen spacious and put exhaust to help emit gases from kitchen to outside.

27. Put indoor plants in the home to reduce the effects of air pollution coming from outside.

28. Grow vegetables inside the home if there is any space to save money and also maintain the quality of air in the home

29. Not allow anyone to smoke inside the roof and declare smoking area at the roof top or in the balcony

30. Always follow the rule of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” to minimize the demand of everything and make factories produce less and pollute less.


Environmental protection agency in each country has to enforce green laws to control air pollution apart from controlling other types of pollution. EPAs should:

31. Follow the rule of merit to hire competent and honest persons

32. Develop monitoring plan for vehicles and industries and strictly follow it

33. Never adopt lenient view to the owners of polluting factories and vehicles. Deal them with iron hands to set an example for others to follow.

34. Never compromise on any environmental violation even if any top boss from the government asks an official of EPA to adopt lenient view against any specific polluter

35. Develop mega awareness plan to remind people their role to control the menace of air pollution.

36. Make studies and surveys to know the level of air contamination in its jurisdiction and take further action to improve the situation.


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can mobilize community participation to control air pollution. Members of NGOs usually belong to grassroots level. So they can effectively communicate the message to people to fight against this menace. They can:

37. Mobilize community groups to reduce indoor pollution by putting exhaust in kitchen, avoiding harmful ways of burning fuel to cook food and conserve energy at home as much as possible.

38. Pressurize civic agencies to play their due role to combat this menace and also keep watch at their performance and report to higher authorities if any deviation in their performance is reported.

39. Launch massive tree plantation campaigns in communities to offset the effects of polluted air


40. Media includes newspapers, magazines, periodicals, TV channels, Radio channels, websites and blogs. They can put maximum information in their educational and informative programs and pages to build public opinion against the menace of air pollution.


41. They should teach their students to be environmentally responsible citizens by avoiding all such ways and means which can pollute our air environment.


42. Students should follow a go green lifestyle to avoid everything that may harm our environment. They can also motivate their parents and elders to go green for the safety of our planet.

So these are the 42 ways to control air pollution with these ten communities which are important part of our society. We must remember we can’t control air pollution in isolation. We must take collective action to control this menace and make our air environment free from all types of hazards.

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