What is Green Living?

Many people wonder what is green living.

Is it a catchy slogan or a practical idea?

Can one really adopt this type of way of living or it just looks good in pledges and promises.

Many people fail to look around them any person with a green lifestyle. People hardly learn about anyone one fully adopting an eco-friendly living.

So it is important to first explain what is green living, and then examine why lesser number of people are following it.

What is green living in simpler terms?

Green living is a way of living where you;

  • Spend the resources as least as possible
  • Never hit the environment or least hit the environment if it is unavoidable
  • Try to avoid wasting resources and reuse them as much as you can
  • Maintain cleanliness of yourself and your surrounding
  • Rely on machine as least as possible and try manage things manually if it is convenient

So do you still want to know what is green living.

If someone adopts this lifestyle does he have a different appearance?

Does he grow wings to live green?

It is the common and natural way of living where you waste least, spend least and harm your surrounding least.

Nothing is forbidden in green living

what is green livingThis is the basic misconception about green way of living many people have. They wrongly assume if they adopt a green way of living they:

  • Will not be allowed to eat meat
  • Can’t maintain personal transport
  • Keep doing planting and gardening

This is absolute misconception. Green way of living is natural way of living where you have to keep balance of your every consumption.

You can eat meat but should not indulge it.

You can maintain your own car but should not drive it unnecessarily. You must keep it in good condition to let it least emissions and least hit the environment.

You should plant trees and do gardening if you have time.

So now you have the answer of the question what is green living.

It is a balanced way of living where you don’t waste natural resources and nor add waste on earth. You use every facility with care and take care of your surroundings.

You walk to stay healthy and eat healthy fit to remain fit.

You remain away from diseases by adopting a natural lifestyle. You consume energy as much as you really require and save a lot of money.

In short you enjoy life in its real sense without any artificial support.

So what you are thinking. Still you are confused about sustainable way of living. Do you still think people will laugh at you if adopt a green lifestyle. You are afraid of being called senior citizen if you go green. Do share you apprehensions in comments section below. Maybe I give you advice to shun such distractions which stop you to become environment friendly for your well-being and happiness.

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