About Athens Auto Recycling

Athens Auto Recycling is one of the pioneer companies in metal recycling industries. It is widely known in United States. Its business model is also followed in other countries. It was established in 1940 when trash was not as much problem as that is now.

But this was the green vision of the founders of this company which brought forth such a great green initiative. Once it was not as much considered green project but soon after green awakening all across the globe it has become a symbol of auto recycling.

Its offices

The offices of Athens Auto Recycling are almost in all states of USA. Their business has already established on such a strong foundation, now they need not to market it. Whoever has an outdated vehicle must know where to dump it. He needs not to dump it for free. He gets a reasonable price of his dumping.

Its business secret

athens auto recyclingThis is the business secret of this one of the oldest auto recycling company. It buys the things which otherwise people have to throw away. In most of the advance countries even one has to pay a fee for throwing away a huge obsolete item. But the facility of selling your trash in reasonable price is available in USA.

Business philosophy of Athens Auto Recycling

The basic business motive of Athens Auto Recycling speaks of the fact that nothing is worthless in this world. You just need to apply your mind to make it reusable. The three Rs solution of garbage pollution

reuse, reduce and recycle – are the foundation stones of this company.

Now this company has become a household name in entire USA. Everybody knows what the best final destination of his scrap car is. He also knows he will get the best price from there. Isn’t it the most lucrative green deal?

Athens Auto Recycling buys all types of vehicles. After buying a car it assess the likely remaining service life of a scrap car. If it can safely be reused it simply overhaul its broken parts and bring back on road. It sells it on cheap price to those who can’t afford costly vehicles.

If a scrap vehicle could not be brought back to the position of reuse then its parts are reused with a little repair. There is a huge industry of used auto-parts in every state of US where they have huge demand. In final stage the whole body of the scrap car is tuned into trash metal and then recycled for manufacturing of various metallic goods.

CSR of the company

The corporate social responsibility section of Athens Auto Recycling is also very active. It sells the reusable cars to charities and welfare organizations on discount prices. These prices are almost next to nothing as compare to their market prices. That is why this company has become a socially responsible recycling company in whole of USA.

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