All about energy-efficient roofs

energy-efficient roofsEnergy-efficient roofs reflect the heat and remain not so hot. They are more desirable in warm regions. There are two ways to make your roof energy-efficient.

  • Roof bottom method
  • Rooftop method

What is roof bottom method?

Under this method cooling material is applied inside roof. There are different types of materials and you need to pick the most-fit for the roof of your home. This material is easily available in any construction material market. You can ask your mason to apply this method and select the best material for this purpose.

Rooftop method

Under this method cooling material is applied at the top of the roof. The nature of this material is a little different from the one used for roof bottom method.

What is cooling material for roof bottom method?

The best material is wood to construct an attic a few feet below the inside roof. According to weather condition of your area you can pick the wooden tiles to make an attic with metal pillars to support it. To go into it you can use wooden or metallic ladder. It will also serve as store to keep things which are not frequently used.

Another material is called insulation. It can be applied inside roof bottom and it does not let the head fully get into room space and reflects it above the roof top.

What is cooling material for rooftop method?

It is applied at the top of the roof and is equally an effective method to cool your room temperature. This material is highly reflective type of paint, a sheet covering, or highly reflective tiles or shingles.

What are the benefits of energy-efficient roofs?

There are three main benefits of energy-efficient roofs. They are:

How to construct energy-efficient roofs?

It needs skills of masonry. So it is wise to hire a mason to build a cooling roof and avoid any shortcoming which is likely if you try to do it yourself. In warm countries construction consultants have sound knowledge of this type of roof and advise you which one is the best according to weather condition of your area.

What are green roofs?

This is the best option for residents of top floor of high-rise buildings. They can grow gardens at the rooftop and keep their room temperature quite cool. This will also reduce air pollution of the area as plants absorb carbon dioxide which is main component of polluted air.