Methods Of Building A Compost Toilet

Compost toilet means a toilet where from human waste can easily be taken for its recycling to use as natural manure.

Purpose of compost toilet

After its recycling through natural process it becomes organic fertilizer for farming. It is a centuries-old practice of manufacturing organic manure with human waste. However, its method was not much refined which now has been developed as recognized form of organic manure production.

It actually bases on the premise that nothing is waste in this world. Everything can be reused and recycled for another productive purpose.

How to build a compost toilet?

compost toiletThe easiest way to build a compost toilet is to buy a medical toilet and install a disposable bucket in it. After that you simply need to just replace the bucket and dump the human waste into farming soil.

It has a little disgusting effect but with proper safety measures it can easily be done. You simply need to put mask on your face and gloves in your hands before replacing the bucket and dumping the waste on the agriculture soil. This method is quite good for rural family of small size.

Compost toilets at public places

For compost toilet in school or office a bucket seat will not meet the need of disposing of human waste. For this purpose pit toilet are good. In this method a pit is dug into the soil and on top of it a WC is installed to fall the human waste directly into it. From there it can be transported to nearby agriculture soil to make it as organic manure.

Remember no any manufacturing process is required to convert the human waste into the organic manure. It gets so with a natural process after passage of a few days. No need to throw it on agriculture land. Its dumping on a soil itself makes the nearby soil fertile and fit for farming. The only need is to keep continuing disposing of human waste with compost toilet or pit latrine.

Sustainable toilets for cities

Compost toilet is quite good for the areas near farm land. In congested cities it will not be beneficial. So in urban area it is good to build your toilet that consumes minimum water for cleaning and releasing the human waste into the drain. This is the only way to make an urban toilet green.

Secondly toileting system should be advance with maximum of recycled material. Its exhaust should be opened in open side of your home to keep your toilet free from any type of bad smell. It should also be built in a way to need not lightening in day time to conserve your energy bill.

So for those who live in rural areas a compost toilet is the good option for them. In this way they can add into the fertility of agriculture land without paying any extra money.

For those who live in urban areas sustainable toilet is the viable option to save energy and keep their home environment from any type of smell.

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