World Kitchen Garden Day

World Kitchen Garden Day is observed all over the world every year since 2004 on 4th Sunday of August. It is celebrated by getting together in home—based vegetable garden with friends, family and community of the area.

It is just a get together to promote the message of World Kitchen Garden Day to maximum number of people. It is a well know fact that we can promote a green cause better together.

Objectives of World Kitchen Garden Day

 The main objective of this day is to raise awareness on benefits of organic home-grown food for a healthy and prosperous life.

It also aims to motivate people grow their own vegetable garden at their homes.

It’s another objective is to help people save money by consuming their own-grown environmentally safe vegetables.

Vegetables in modern times

UWorld kitchen garden daysually people all around the world buy vegetables and fruits from the market. Most of the agriculture crops are produced all across the globe with inorganic material of fertilizers and pesticides. They affect the natural qualities of each produce. Sometimes regular consumption of such vegetables becomes counterproductive. Instead of keeping the people healthy their consumption makes people weaker and even suffer from various diseases.

Collectively it is quite hard to convince farming communities to come back to centuries old natural ways of farming. In this competitive environment no one wants to rely on methods that are no doubt so healthy and environmentally safe but they do not produce the agriculture production so fast. That is why fear of losing their market, agriculture sector all around the world is quite reluctant to go back to natural ways which produce a little slower than the modern chemical-based methods of farming do.

Organic home garden – the way out

Its way-out is explored as promoting the organic vegetable farming at home. In this way people not only grow vegetables at their home with nature manure but also save a lot of money because they have to buy vegetables at market quite higher rate than the farmers’ price. Retailers also include the transportation cost in its sale price.

Kitchen garden also creates a pleasant green environment in courtyard of homes where they are grown. Fruits can’t be grown at home because they need orchards or in big farms for their proper growth.

world kitchen garden dayWhat do you need to grow vegetables at home?

No rocket science is involved in growing a vegetable garden at your home. Just a small piece of land without plastered or bricked layer patch is required in open area of your home.

If you don’t have a spacious home you can grow it in big earthen pots at your rooftop and even in balcony if you live in flat. The main requirement is your care to grow it and keep it safe from burning or over-watering.

How to grow a kitchen garden in earthen pots?

If you want to grow an organic vegetable garden in earthen pots, buy big earthen pots from a nearby nursery with fertile soil in them.

You can easily grow coriander, mint, green chilies, brinjal, spinach, lettuce separately in one earthen pot each.

You can also buy organic manure from nearby agriculture store because of no space at your home you can’t compost it by yourself.

You also need seeds of these vegetables which are also available in any farming or agriculture store. Just sprinkle the seeds at the top of the soiled earthen pot. After that you simply have to water them at regular interval.

How to grow a kitchen garden at a piece of land?

First select a piece of land inside home without plastered or bricked layer. You can also remove the plaster or bricks to make it of soil.

Dig the hard soil four to five-inch deep and soften its earth by moving it up and down. Remove every type of cemented or hard material from the soil. Another best way is to replace six-inch deep soil with fertile soil which you can buy from any nearby nursery.

Then put the organic manure in it that you can buy from nearby agriculture store. You can also produce organic manure with the help of composting at your home.

After that you just need to repeat the whole process as mentioned above to grow a kitchen garden in earthen pots.

So this year observe World Kitchen Garden Day by growing a vegetable garden at your home by following any of the above methods.

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