EPA bosses save corruption not environment in poor countries

This is a true story of an official of an EPA of a poor country where he has been working for quite a long time.

I happened to see him in a conference where he made shocking revelations about the state of affairs in his EPA.

He requested me not to mention neither his name nor other details because his bosses may terminate him if they get know he revealed their wrongdoings.

Top boss of EPA is non-qualified

Official told that the top boss of the referred EPA has been holding the top position for the last five years though he does not qualify for it. By greasing the palm of his higher-ups he is glued to the top seat.

One can imagine why he wants to stay there by hook or crook and spending huge amount of money to keep holding that position. He earns huge money as bribe by turning a blind eye to polluters and not sending their cases to green courts of legal action.

Non-technical number two boss

epaAnother officer of same EPA despite having been purely non-technical officer held the charge of its branch office for five years and misguided an industrial cluster of his area not to install individual or combined effluent treatment plant to abide by the environmental laws. He got a huge sum as commission for his criminal consultancy service.

As a result industries of that area openly release their effluent directly into a water stream which flows into a big water resource of the area where from 20 million population of the biggest city of that country has been drinking the polluted water for the last five years.

No one is ready to pay attention to this gross violation of environmental laws that directly and negatively impacting the health of 20 million people. The main cause of paying no attention is rampant corruption in every department and every sector of that poor country.

This non-technical corrupt officer recently been promoted to higher grade as reward for making 20 million people to drink polluted water and die eventually.

Responsible of 400 deaths promoted

In recent past a huge factory caught fire in the biggest city of that poor country. Almost 400 people burnt to death in that factory. An officer of same EPA was responsible to monitor the health and safety requirements of that factory. But he never paid any visit to it.

As per common practice an officer does not pay visit to a factory because of his lethargy or because the owner of the factory bribes him to keep silence and don’t monitor the factory. Interestingly the same officer instead of getting any punishment was rewarded the promotion to higher post for allegedly been involved in the killing of 400 people.

Higher degree bought

Another officer of the same EPA got promotion on the basis of a higher level professional degree which he got by hiring a professional to complete his examination requirements. He paid the fee to hired professional from the funds of the same EPA and now he is enjoying a top position there though he does not have basic knowledge of his subject.

Lower grade official so rich

The private secretary of the top boss of same EPA is so powerful and highly corrupt. This post is usually of lower grade in status. He affords his own personal car though other officials of his grade even can’t afford a two-wheeler. Despite several efforts no one can take action against him because he bribes whoever wants to remove him from his post and stays successfully.

So this is the story of an EPA of a poor country where top bosses safeguard corruption instead of environment. The saddest part of this story is that a few honest workers are working there as if they are criminals and rest of the corrupt officers are respected citizens of that hapless poor country.

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