How to make your car green without any paint?

You may be surprised to read the topic of this post. You are right to think how one can make his car green without any paint. But it is possible.

Here by green car I don’t mean physically or paint-wise green. It means it has all the green features to least hit the environment. Right?

What are the green features of a product?

Green features of every product including vehicles of all types are following:

  • While manufacturing it, not much harms is made to environment and natural resources.
  • It must not hit our environment in any way while working.
  • It should be durable if it is a luxury product and works for a longer period of time.

So in this post I will tell you all the ways to tips to make your car green and make it completely environmental friendly.

First of all let’s discuss how a car hits the environment if it is not environment friendly.

  • Because of the smoke it emits owing to the running of engine as we know every machine emits smoke if it is run with fossil fuel. Fossil fuel means petrol, gas and coal.
  • Because of the noise it creates if its engine is not properly maintained and its silencer is not of high quality to reduce the noise.

make your car green

So to make your car green you need to control its smoke emissions and noise. There are three types of ways to make your car environment friendly.

  • First type is of primary ways which make you avoid creating car pollution from the very beginning.
  • Second type of ways are all the ways you follow to improve the functioning of your car and make it least polluting.
  • Third one is precautionary ways to avoid polluting as much as you can.

Primary ways to make your car green

Primary ways to make your car green are so simple. They address the core of the issue and make you take an environment friendly decision for buying a car.

  • Depending upon your budget, first of all try to buy a reconditioned or new car instead of used one. If you buy a used car you may have to spend money to bring it in good condition. Maybe because of having lesser money you just do its repair that you want and leave those work undone which could have least hit the environment. While reconditioned car is fully repaired and maintained by the maker of that car to work like a new one.
  • Buy a car that consumes green fuel including electricity or CNG. It will help reduce emissions.
  • Buy a certified environment friendly car. Its cost is higher but after growth in competition its prices will decline.
  • The best way is to use public transport system and should try to avoid buying car and keep your carbon footprint unchanged. You should follow this way if you have a sound public transport system.

Secondary ways to make your car green

Secondary ways just need a little care to keep your car in good condition and make it environmental friendly.

  • Keep the engine and silencer of your vehicle in good condition
  • Get regular tune-up of the engine of your car
  • Keep the wheel balanced and inflated to increase fuel efficiency
  • Do regular check up of the functioning of your car

Precautionary ways

  • Cover small distances on foot instead of using car to cover them.
  • If you have to go alone somewhere use public transport system and use the car if two people of your family need to go somewhere.
  • Plan a visit before going somewhere and avoid repetition of going at same place again and again
  • Never compromise on quality of fuel and buy fuel from authorized gas stations

So these are a few tips to make your car green without doing green paint on it.

Still I insist the best way to make your car green is to buy a certified green car or avoid buying it if you have an excellent public transport system.

Just make up your mind today to play your role for the mitigation of car pollution by following any of the ways I mentioned in this post.

Do you think there are some other ways to make your car green? Please do share with me in comments section given below.

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